A guest post from Michael Rose. 

I refuse to call ISIL, Isis. Isis is an Egyptian Goddess of magic and power. They wanted to use this name to give them some type of credence, and to use as a scare tactic for Christians. I believe it is more of a scare tactic.

ISIL’s main goal is to force the Muslim community to come to them. They want them to believe that they will be persecuted and not allowed to practice their religion anywhere. They will then have to come to them and enter Jihad to wipe everyone “else” out.

The ban only helps this message. Imagine what they are saying now. “See…. even in the Great United States, they will scorn you. They will persecute you. They won’t even let any of us in.” They won’t care that it will be from different countries, and not from all of them.

We are scared and frightened, and I for one am terrified. I was in shock as I saw Tower 1 collapse and wondered what we were going to do. I too want to be safe in my home, and secure. I too want the government to do something.

However, this is the case in all wars. We are afraid of an enemy that will come and take away our freedom, and our rights. We are afraid that they will teach our children their ways, and force them to become like them.

Now the people helping the refugees, and protesting the ban, they are sending the correct message to ISIL. Despite the cowardice of our government, we will help and give a home to those fleeing you. Here you are free to practice your religion as we are free.

Even if you stop them from using the Trojan Horse method, it will be only a matter of time before they use other means. Just saying they are Christians and hiding with our own citizens. What are you going to do then?

It is time to ask yourself, do you believe in our country? Do you believe that your God commands you to help the poor? Do you believe NOT to harm anyone, either through your actions or inactions? Or are you willing to change that belief for security?

This is what I’m going to do. I’ll protect my family from those that want to harm by training them to protect themselves. I’ll stand outside the door, ready to fight those that want to hurt them or my country. My home will be a refuge for my neighbor. And we will stand up to those who attempt to take it away.

I’ll teach tolerance and love. I’ll teach how to learn about cultures, and about people. In this way, I’ll learn about them, and find the Terrorist in the midst. It is the only way.

If they do attack then may the gods have mercy on their souls. For WE WILL NOT!

Yes, I AM a snowflake, ready to stand for our rights, freedom and liberty. So lock your doors and hide, we snowflakes have a job to do!


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