Goddamn, Tammy Lahren might be the most self-unaware conservative pundit out there. She is constantly complaining about how liberals treat her or other conservatives, but always after she spends an entire show mocking, insulting, and otherwise verbally shitting on liberals. She says that Black Lives Matter is a “terrorist organization” and stupidly compares them to the KKK. By far, she has to be the most pretentious, ego-blind douchebag in the cabal of conservative pundits that permeate the Internet now.

Keep in mind that list includes people like Rush “I’m Always Right” Limbaugh, Sean “I’ll Get Waterboarded For Charity But Not Really” Hannity, and Frau Ann “I Never Met a Mexican I Couldn’t Blame For My Problems” Coulter.

One of most Lahren’s most recent “Final Thoughts” rants was on the topic of the Women’s March protests all around the globe last weekend. Timmy didn’t like the protests. See, she’s a die-hard Trumpist and those mean ol’ women (and shit loads of men supporting them) were protesting Trump. According to Lahren’s tirade, she’s upset because she heard pro-life women’s groups were not allowed to march, per the organizers of the protest. I don’t know, Timbale, to me it sounds like you’re bitching about freedom of association, and that you’re saying the protest organizers should be forced to accept a group that espouses things they don’t believe.

Almost like forcing a baker to bake a cake for a…nevermind. She can’t possibly be that hypocritical right?

So here’s a little clip the Teutonic Twit tweeted out from the segment. In it, she rips the women’s march for not including women who actively try to give away women’s rights. In Tigger’s mind, women’s marches aren’t good unless pro-life, anti-choice women are invited. Which of course is stupid on its face.

I really am tickled that Tributary really, genuinely thinks that the snubbing of pro-life groups somehow invalidates the protests of millions of people on seven continents. It’s almost like she hasn’t figured out that most women are pro-choice if no other reason than they don’t want someone else telling them what to do with their bodies. Even many women who are against abortion on a personal level are very pro-choice because gender-based oppression is bullshit.

But honestly what makes me laugh and scratch my head about Table Tennis’s rant here is that it’s not like she’d go and participate even if it were open to pro-life groups. Because while she decried the march for not being open to pro-life groups, she also spent the days before and after the march saying how pointless and stupid she thought it was. She’s literally trying to have it both ways — that the march was dumb and not worth participating in but also it would’ve been better if pro-life groups were invited.

Is Triple Play really so stupid as to think we all can’t see right through her vapidity? Does she really think we all believe she’d extend a hand across the aisle and march side by side with other women for things they could agree on? Of course not. Tomboy wouldn’t want to go to the march, she hated on it and hates on the causes it was meant to support. What on Earth would make her think that anyone outside her echo chamber would find two fucks to rub together for her opinion on the march to begin with?

The woman in this rant is not someone who really cares about feminist causes to begin with.

Tomi Lahren Slams Women’s March

Redstate News

So really, what this is here is a case of enormous sour grapes from Tanesha Lahren. She’s really got some confusion to work out over why a group that is in favor of women having total bodily autonomy wouldn’t invite groups that actively work directly against that idea. What a pathetic, sad little person Tuba is. Every day on her show Lahren insults the left. I find it funny that Tamara calls us “snowflakes” because if there’s anyone who’s tiny, delicate, fragile, and super-white, it’s her.

Pretty much she’s the kid who wasn’t invited to the birthday party then comes to school on Monday and talks shit about how she heard how bad it was. Then she tells you, “I didn’t want to go to your stupid party anyway.” Then again, when it comes to the stupid party, nobody belongs in it quite like Timberline Lahren, huh?

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