Kellyanne Conway Just Tweeted a Veiled Swipe at Her Boss Over The FBI Investigation of His Campaign!

Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump may not be on such good terms after he sees this super-recent tweet of hers.

This is crazy! I never thought I’d see anyone in the Trump camp be so honest. I never thought I’d see them hold each other accountable. But then I go onto Twitter, and I see this tweet from top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, and I realized that I was so very wrong!

Check out this tweet from Conway:

It’s truly surprising to see Kellyanne tweet such a veiled swipe at her boss. I mean, she’s not usually known for her intellectual honesty when it comes to the things that he says or does. But I’m a big enough man to admit that I may have had Ms. Conway pegged all wrong.

Truly brave people are willing to stand up to power, even when that power is their boss, and he happens to be the most powerful tangerine in the free orchard. But I had no idea that Conway was possessed such courage! Good for you Kellyanne! It takes real gumption to hold people’s feet to the fire like this, regardless of who their boss is, so kudos!

And let’s be clear — she’s totally right! Most honest people never are under FBI investigation. Her implication from this tweet, that you should be skeptical of people who are under FBI investigation is sound. Sure, innocent people get investigated by the FBI too, just ask John Lennon, but we’re not about to compare Apricot Pol Pot to the best Beatle (I said it, sue me!) ever, right?

We liberals should stand up and applaud Kellyanne Conway for this tweet. It surely can’t have gone over well in the Oval Office. Not today of all days. Not the very same day James Comey dropped the bombshell that the FBI has an open investigation into him and his campaign’s dealings with Russia, right? That would just be crazy to tweet that tweet on the same day all that shit went down, right?


What’s that you say?

This tweet came from October 2016?

It was just after James Comey dropped a bombshell about allegedly new Hillary Clinton emails that the FBI was investigating?

You’re telling me Conway┬ásent this tweet when her boss had been the subject of an FBI investigation since the summer of that year, well before now?

You say this tweet makes her look like an idiot, a hypocrite, and a willful tool of a douchebag plutocrat and his Russian facsist piss pal?


Well. Okay. Un-all that then.

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