This website was started by two modern liberals who happen to share very, very similar views on a whole host of topics. Every now and then though, Manny and I disagree. One such case sprung up Friday afternoon when WikiLeaks dumped thousands of the Democratic National Committee’s emails on us. The emails essentially verify what we assumed to be true — that the DNC was really behind Hillary Clinton from the get-go and was conspiring to edge Bernie Sanders out of the race in any way possible.
Manny wrote the piece below, the gist of which is that in his mind this leak is a big, fat, “nothingburger,” and that maybe this plays into the hands of Vladimir Putin.
To me, the answer to Manny’s central question is “the Truth.”
WikiLeaks very clearly is on the side of the truth. Whether or not the truth has negative consequences for Hillary Clinton’s chances to win the election, WikiLeaks released the truth. I’m not sure why anyone would have a problem with that. The leaks don’t make the vote counts between Clinton and Sanders get wiped out; she clearly got more votes than he did. But it shows that the DNC wasn’t even remotely acting impartially.
Does that sit well on your conscience? Because it shouldn’t. At all.
Even if my candidate had won, if I found out he won thanks to collusion and some really gross dirty politicking, it wouldn’t feel as good. I’m not naive and I know the kinds of things released in the emails by WikiLeaks get said all the time — and much worse I’m sure gets said too. But that doesn’t make it “right” or “good,” does it?
I’ve seen a lot of Pro-Hillary people saying essentially this: “I’m not surprised by this, and no one should be. This is how politics works.”
No. Fucking. Shit. Mr. Holmes. You don’t have to be surprised by something to find it repugnant.
I don’t find anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth surprising anymore, but guess what? It’s still gross as fuck. So is an allegedly impartial political party corrupting the nomination process, right? Right?
The Wikileaks DNC emails are important, for starters, because they prove that the word “Democratic” has a fluid definition in their dictionaries. If they were an organization truly devoted to democracy and the people’s voice being heard, they’d have emails between each other and the media playing up how exciting it is to have two strong, viable candidates. They’d have encouraged debate, not tried to stifle it. The Democratic Party looks about as far from Democratic as you can get at this point.
Then there’s the atheism thing.
The Democrats are supposed to be the inclusive party, remember that? Frankly, as a proud and loud atheist, I’m a little baffled why Manny just glossed over that. I’m fucking livid about it, myself. The DNC making an issue out of Sanders’ atheism is no different than Republicans making someone’s Muslim faith a point of suspicion. Sit on that for a second.
What’s the difference between Republicans demagoguing Islam and the DNC potentially doing the same thing to atheism? Aren’t they necessarily implying atheists can’t be trusted to run the country?

Yes. They are in fact saying that.
It’s just one more undeniable example of their cynicism. I’m not surprised by it. It’s disappointing though, isn’t it? Or let me put it another way — if it’s not disappointing to you to find out that the Democratic Party behaved in this way, what does that say about our ability to ever hold them accountable? How can any truly intellectually honest person not at the very least be really offended by the idea of the DNC planting anti-Bernie stories or “helping” media outlets write stories that put Clinton in a glowing light and Sanders not so much?
Look, if more people wanted to have Hillary as their president, that’s great. She should be the nominee based on the rules of the primary and the votes. But don’t try to tell me that the DNC emails don’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are nothing more than a political beast, devoid of principle in favor of a desire to win at all costs. It’s really gross, guys. But then again, the Democratic Party was once the party of racist southerners, and the GOP used to literally be full of young, idealistic liberals signing up blacks in the south to vote. Moral fluidity is how parties survive.
I know that Manny and some of my fellow colleagues here are so worried about Trump that they are voting for Hillary. Hell, Trump is such an enormous shart in a toupee and his convention was so scary in its egomaniac worship that I’ve since amended by “Never Hillary” stance. If things get tight in California, I’ll certainly vote for her to ensure that shithead doesn’t get in. But holy fuck everyone, take a step back and look at the WikilLeaks story with truly unbiased eyes and you’ll see that while it isn’t Watergate, it’s fetid, stinking, coldly cynical politics.
And it’s corruption, pure and simple.
The definition of corrupt is when something becomes untrustworthy. I think it’s fair to say that anyone who trusts the DNC to be fair and impartial are just partisan-blind at this point. You don’t have to want Donald Trump to be president to have righteous indignation over how the DNC behaved in this primary. Fuck Donald Trump; he’s a horrible human being and I plan to spend as much time and my creative energy as possible ripping him from satirical pillar to satirical post right up to and through the election. But let’s not all turn a blind eye to what the WikiLeaks story is really all about.
It’s about the fact that we, the people, don’t really have a grip on our republic at all. We don’t have a single hand in the process, not if the WikiLeaks emails are to be trusted. The DNC doesn’t feel very beholden to the “D” in their acronym. I care about that. Maybe you don’t. I do.
Integrity of the process matters. Maybe I should hashtag that and more Rah-Rah Dems would feel the slightest compunction to hold their party accountable. Wait. What was I thinking. This is America. Accountability is only for unarmed black men trying to help autistic people, or were walking home with Skittles and a soft drink, or were playing with a toy gun…or…or…
…accountability clearly isn’t for the rich, powerful, and well-connected.
Fucking yay!



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