Are you shocked?

Most people with any sense of common decency will pick their battles, then perhaps grant an interview or press conference to address the pertinent issues they deem important enough to discuss.

Lacking here is common decency, an ability to pick battles, the relationship with actual media…ugh! This is our President-Elect, Cheeto Satan!

Instead, as usual, he grabbed his phone and had a meltdown on Twitter, less than 48 hours after he promised to be more restrained with his use of the social media app.

Multiple outlets have reported Cheeto Satan’s transition team is near chaos in its lack of preparedness.

The stories cite numerous sources, from Obama administration officials to GOP personnel invited to discuss positions in the upcoming administration.

It was later reported by the Trump team that a low level staffer requested this. Sure.

The direct attacks on The New York Times were most likely in response to the front page story yesterday, Firings and Discord Put Trump Transition Team in State of Disarray. We know Chris Christie was fired and replaced by Mike Pence as the head of the team, and the Times goes on to report infighting and difficulty of American allies trying to reach Trump and his team by phone.

Some of the early transition difficulties may reflect the fact that Mr. Trump, who has no governing experience or Washington network and campaigned as an agent of change, does not have a long list of establishment figures from the Bush era to tap. His allies suggested that might ultimately prove positive for Mr. Trump if he was able to assemble a functioning team that would bring new perspectives to his administration.

For advice on building Mr. Trump’s national security team, his inner circle has been relying on three hawkish current and former American officials: Representative Devin Nunes, Republican of California, who is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee; Peter Hoekstra, a former Republican congressman and former chairman of the Intelligence Committee; and Frank Gaffney, a Pentagon official during the Reagan administration and a founder of the Center for Security Policy.

Mr. Gaffney has long advanced baseless conspiracy theories, including that President Obama might be a closet Muslim. The Southern Poverty Law Center described him as “one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes.”

As of this morning, the team still has not delivered the required documents from each member that are necessary to assure confidential and sensitive information will not be revealed. “The next step is for the president-elect’s transition team to provide us with the names of the individuals they have authorized to represent their transition effort across the government,” said Brandi Hoffine, a spokeswoman for the White House. “Once we have received those names and related materials, those individuals will be able to receive the briefing materials we have prepared and begin to communicate with their Obama administration agency counterparts.”

It would probably be a better use of his time to work on the transition than to whine and bitch on Twitter. But what do I know…I don’t have any actual government experience.


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