Oh, lolbertaryans. They really don’t get it. They say the most inane things and wonder why their movement is mocked.

Take this absolute gem of a post from the people at “Being Classically Liberal.” Classical liberals, by the way, are conservatives who call themselves liberals because they have liberal views…from the 19th century. So that should tell you the kind of, um, intellectual depth, we’re dealing with here. Here’s a post they made this morning:

I’ll spare you the comment that someone posted that was an unsourced image macro of average IQ points by race…you can guess for yourselves where that one went. But let’s just look at the genius words of the page administrator shall we? Because he clearly does not even get what “what privilege” is. He clearly doesn’t get what it’s about, and his bringing up of “black stupidity” is just an insanely stupid and irrelevant straw man.

White privilege isn’t about intelligence. It isn’t about aptitude. It’s about silent and systemic racism that still exists as either as an intentional holdover or an unfortunate racist residue of centuries of past, verifiable racism within the social structures people lived in at the time. White privilege is really about the fact, quite simply, that white people have it so much better than people of color that they can’t even fathom that racism exists. In other words, white people start on second base and those that chastise minorities for complaining about not even being in the dugout are the ones showing their white privilege.

It’s just that simple. White privilege is the ability of white people to not see the problems faced by people of color because their world is so very tilted in their favor. It’s not about anything else. It’s not some sinister plot to make white people feel shitty. It’s just a cultural phenomenon that conservatives especially seem to fall prey to. This post from Being Classically Liberal is dripping with white privilege, because only a middle class white kid would be so stupid as to say that the average intelligence of a black person has anything to do with the subject.

The simple, undeniable truth is that for centuries black people were enslaved here. Then they were made separate but equal, subhumans thanks to Jim Crow. The impact of those policies hasn’t gone away, though it has certainly been lessened thanks to affirmative action and other programs aimed at mitigating silent, covert racism.

This is a pluperfect example of why conservatives are conservative. They fundamentally misunderstand the very concept they mock. It’s not about saying that white people are better or superior. It’s not about even protecting white supremacy. Perhaps it’d be better described as “deliberate white ignorance.” Because truthfully, who the fuck can read a history book that deals with race in this country on even the most superficial level and not come away understanding how the system we built intentionally excluded people of color for a long time, and that maybe, just maybe, that could have a lasting impact today? It wasn’t that long ago that Jim Crow was a thing; there are people alive today who suffered under it.

But what I really want to know is why the administrator of Being Classically Liberal even brought up the trope about “the reality that black people are less intelligent than whites, on average,” because that speaks to the really dark undercurrent that has taken over the libertarian movement. While it is true that a study was released a couple years ago that showed the average IQs of various racial groups and African-Americans ranked lower than white people, what kind of idiot says that an IQ test is the way, and the only way, to measure intelligence? If anything it shows that the IQ tests themselves may not be good measures of anything other than who takes IQ tests well.

In fact, plenty of evidence from peer-reviewed sources show that an IQ test is highly subjective. So then, can we really say black people are innately less intelligent? Of course we can’t. Because that’s fucking stupid and doesn’t make any sense, given that race is a social construct and that skin color very clearly doesn’t dictate intelligence. This is just another example of what these libertarian pages do — they spew statistics that verify their biases and then they arrogantly tell you to refute their data. Meanwhile, they miss the point that the data they cite is either flawed, cherry-picked or in no way backs up their argument.

It’s like they literally have never heard the old Mark Twain line about “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Because what fucking idiot would bring up the intelligence of anyone while discussing the concept of white privilege? Oh wait, I know, the kinds of people who don’t actually get what white privilege is. It’s just kind of beautiful really, that this guy posts a bullshit criticism of the idea of “white privilege” while demonstrating white privilege.

The bottom line is that I have met far, far more stupid white people in my days than I have stupid black people. I come into contact with stupid white people all day, every day. Only people with agendas point to IQ tests as proof of intelligence, and only ignorant white people blast the idea of white privilege without actually knowing what the fuck it is.

Ultimately this is just another way we can see that to conservatives, if it doesn’t happen to them, it’s just not happening at all.


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