Hi! Just a quick note for any Republican readers out there: It’s entirely possible — and encouraged — for you to call out Nazis and condemn them…even if they’re also Republicans.

If you’re one of those Republicans who, after the riots in Ferguson or Baltimore, said that President Barack Obama was partially to blame for them, or that he was always “dividing” America, how do you feel about your Orange Twat Knuckle in Chief not denouncing Nazis? Does that divide us? If you’re a member of the GOP, and you’re not screaming about the tepid, lame response to the Charlottesville murder from this administration, you are everything that is now and always has been wrong with America.

It takes literally the least amount of effort imaginable, and spends the least amount of political capital, to condemn white supremacy. Oh wait, I guess it’s kinda hard to do that when you’ve spent the last five or six decades quietly courting them, relying on carnival barking fraudsters like Dinesh D’Souza to help convince your base that you’re totally not cozying up to racists even though the Confederate States haven’t voted in a bloc for a Democrat since LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act into law.

It seems like a Nazi is the one kind of American that we’d all agree can suck a fuck, but yet, I can’t help but notice people like Mike Huckabee giving Trump a pass for not condemning the alt-right, neo-Nazi wing of his party that gave rise to the monster who murdered a woman with his car over the weekend.

Do you think Mike ever said that Obama shared responsibility for violence that took the life or lives of conservatives? Of course he did. That was one of the Republicans’ go to lines for nearly a decade — that Obama was “dividing us” when he’d speak out against racism or racist attacks. They’d hoot and holler if he didn’t condemn Black Lives Matters because they really believe all their silly propaganda about that movement being filled with murderous thugs who loot and burn cities just because white people live there.

Their obsession with a caricature of BLM leads them to deflect, rather stupidly, like in this tweet.


Because you know, people from Black Lives Matter have been seen, in a video, revving their engine to plow into a group of people, right? BLM protesters have murdered people in the street? Oh wait, I know, these dumb fucks think that idiot in Dallas who killed those cops was part of BLM because he used the hashtag. That’s because they fundamentally don’t understand that BLM isn’t some actual organization, but is instead a philosophy, an ideology.

What’s truly hilarious, and by “hilarious” I mean of course “truly frightening” is that Trump attacked the CEO of Merck for quitting one of his corporate outreach and council groups faster than he came out and spoke to the country about James Fields’ attack that left one woman dead and dozens others hurt. It’s absolute insanity that it took Trump more than 48 hours to deliver remarks, and yet where was the same group of Republicans that wanted Obama to scream the words, “RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM!” after every attack by some lone wolf asshole terrorist this weekend demanding Trump make a statement and condemn, by name, the rabid, fascist, neo-Nazi alt-right who is perpetrating violence in his name.


Maybe the problem is that James Fields didn’t make Trump feel personally insulted. Maybe if Fields had been a Democrat. Or a Muslim. Or an undocumented worker. Then, maybe, it would get the tantrum throwing toddler off his ass sooner. But I highly doubt it.

This is a moment of truth for a lot of Republicans. We know that living in denial is part of their thing. It’s why they still believe in things like Trickle Down and American Exceptionalism. And they have lived in denial of their relationship with white supremacy for a long time. They think that Lincoln being a Republican means something when for the last fifty years or so their party has been trying to find ways to quietly tally racist votes on their side.

But it’s not hard to just come out and say, “Fuck Nazis, and we don’t want their votes.” Hell, it might even get some people to think about voting Republican next time. Imagine that. Instead, though, something tells me they’ll equivocate and deflect and ignore. Until the next murder is carried out by one of their own, and the cycle will continue as long as they put political victory ahead of human decency.

So, probably forever, I guess I’m saying.



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