Most of us are still in a fog of shock, disbelief, and worry after the election debacle resulting in Trump being elected, but we are slowly climbing out of the pits and regrouping.

Many of my liberal friends are picking one or two key causes to support, getting involved with groups fighting climate change, supporting LGBTQ rights, or starting petition drives. But it’s also quite understandable that we may still seek solace in various distractions. (My 20-year-old-son turned me on to the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” and we’ve been binge-watching an episode or two a day – somehow, watching Neil Patrick Harris play a hilariously womanizing heterosexual is strangely comforting.)

And of course there are less healthy distractions, like comfort food (Krispy Kreme is doing great business in our area), alcohol, etc. Mind you, I am NOT advocating major substance abuse, but an extra glass of pinot noir is understandable, and for those of us in states with legal pot (or which just legalized it), it’s almost impossible not to see the weird irony of the mellow-out drug becoming legal just when we need it most.

Right after the election, several people came up with memes based on a distortion of Michelle Obama’s impassioned motto from her terrific campaign speech, “When they go low, we go high,” transforming the second verb into a celebration of legal weed. And of course I thought it would make a terrific song, in the grand tradition of country music titles that are twists on common phrases. (Some of my favorites are “She Got The Gold Mine, I Got The Shaft,” “Get Your Tongue Out Of My Mouth Cause I’m Kissing You Goodbye,” and of course “Drop Kick Me Jesus Thru The GoalPosts Of Life”.)

But when I mentioned my title idea to a friend at one of my various freelance jobs, she mentioned that it would make a great reggae song. Which made perfect sense in a completely nonsensical way (and how appropriate to this strange new twisted reality!) Not just the weirdness of a Jewish mother singing reggae (you’ll notice in the headline slides in the video, I really did a google search for female jewish reggae singers, and it’s one of the few times where google produced zero results). But this particular job is a program at a music conservatory, teaching classical singers to do musical theater, and the friend is a trained opera singer. So an opera singer suggesting a reggae song by a Jewish showtune composer… I would say it doesn’t get weirder than that, but Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, so I don’t want to tempt fate:

Anyway, here’s what the end result was…


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