It’s now been almost a full month since the White House has held a full, on-camera press briefing, and that’s a personal insult to every American whether they voted for the Orange Shit Clown or not. But, I mean, I get it. The press briefings under the Trump regime have been embarrassing, cantankerous, and essentially a forty minute exercise to see if Sean Spicer or Sarah “Dead Eyes, Dead Soul” Huckabee Sanders can lie with the same lies that their boss just told on Twitter hours, or even minutes, before the press briefing starts.

It would make sense that Trump would want to minimize the damage the briefings cause. They have to be a public relations nightmare for the White House. Of course, putting inept morons in the spotlight tends to serve mostly to expose their ineptitude and moronic behavior, but hey, they can do them. They won the election after all, and we may just have to endure four years of an embargoed press.

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But make no mistake — banning cameras and audio in the press briefings are simply acts of cowardice. The American people own the White House and pay each and every person’s salary within it. Trump owes it to us to talk to us, he owes us real press briefings. No president is a deity nor a monarch. And while we can’t force him or anyone else to talk to us, let’s just be be perfectly frank: the president is acting like a massive, wimpy, scaredy cat baby boy, or to borrow a phrase from his base…

…he’s acting like such a beta cuck snowflake.

Look, I use the term “beta cuck snowflake” ironically, of course. But in terms of that kind of rhetoric, some of Trump’s most vocal supporters use it quite seriously. Remember, to them every liberal male is a subservient, emasculated puppy. They think of all of us on the left as cowards and wimps. Think of how many times they made fun of Obama for wearing “mom jeans” or whatever. Every chance they get, Trump supporters love to call into question how brave or tough liberals are.

And yet, here’s the big, fat, orange moron in chief blatantly hiding from the American public. Trump doesn’t owe the media anything, that much is true, I guess. But he does owe the American people who are his employers, answers. Just because I didn’t vote for him, that doesn’t mean he’s not my president, and I have a right to demand honest information. What the Trump White House is doing now is like crawling inside a hole, burying themselves, and only coming out to give information in the way that helps make them look the best.

Again, I completely understand the impulse. If I was getting mocked, ridiculed, and questioned every single day because I kept running my B-Team out there and they kept fucking it up, I’d be tempted to rein it in, no doubt. But that’s now how we’ve come to view the presidency.

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When the George W. Bush administration was coming under fire for the Iraq War, when it was obvious to everyone we got into it for sham reasons, even they didn’t stop holding press briefings on camera. That’s because the presidency isn’t supposed to be a cakewalk. It isn’t supposed to be something that’s free from accountability or skepticism. Even the most egregiously unprepared Republican president before Trump knew this, and managed to keep the press briefings live and on camera.

If you’re trying to make a scandal go away, hiding isn’t the way to do it. All it does is make everyone who thinks you’ve got something to hide feel validated. After all, you are hiding something — yourself, and more importantly, the truth.

Yesterday, a reporter broke the White House’s ban on live streaming the press briefing. He was hailed as a patriot, and rightfully so. But what a sad state of affairs when we have to cheer a reporter for just doing his job. It’s not a crime to hide the press briefings, and it’s not an impeachable offense; it’s just douche bag behavior…

…which at this point is more than par for the course.


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