Monday, Senate Republicans kowtowed to the NRA and blocked four gun safety measures. These measures were not “Obama’s comin’ for mah guns!” legislation, nor were they measures to ban certain types of firearms and ammunition. They were sane, moderate attempts at keeping terrorists from purchasing guns, and tightening background checks. But the NRA can’t have that. The only thing that stops a good guy with a gun is a bad…wait…the only thing that stops a toddler with a gun is…no…the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is more guns. There we go.
Republicans offer nothing but thoughts and prayers when innocent people are murdered by a gun. Yes, a person is holding that gun, but honestly, do you really believe if the shooter in Orlando had been wielding a set of steak knives he could have slaughtered forty-nine people? Then there’s Donald Trump’s response to the massacre of forty nine members of the LGBT community: If those victims had been armed, this never would have happened. He backtracked on that comment, claiming he had been speaking about employees or armed guards. Interestingly, Wayne LaPierre told CBS:

I don’t think you should have firearms where people are drinking.

I don’t recall Mr. LaPierre telling Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee, or Virginia guns should not be allowed in bars.
Speaking of the NRA, they’ve endorsed Donald Trump for president. Hell, Ted Nugent, NRA board member and draft dodging racist, told Newsmax:

Well, I set some records again recently on Facebook, I had like 33.6 million Facebookers because I dared to proclaim the self-evident truth and logic and common sense, how dare I? I think that’s against the law now, but I do it anyway. And what a lot of people of those 33 million Facebookers have celebrated is that Donald Drumpf is as close to Ted Nugent as you are going to get in politics. (source)

Do you want the guy Ted Nugent compares to himself as our next president? The guy who is endorsed by the very group that has a stranglehold on the GOP? Do you want to keep asking “how many more,” all the while knowing that, for the Republican party, there is no limit?

Since the massacre of forty-nine primarily Latino members of the LGBT community, at least 125 people have been killed by guns, and 269 have been injured.  Last Monday, a self-professed “sovereign citizen” named Erick Shute, shot and killed three men over a dispute about firewood. Tuesday, Gunfire killed seventeen-year-old Reggina Jefferies during a memorial service in Oakland, California. And Wednesday, Robert Knapp shot and killed a chiropractor in in Roy, Washington.
As of 2015, there were more guns in the United States than people. We do not need more guns. We need brave, empathetic, caring politicians who are not afraid of the NRA. We need to vote for politicians who consistently receive “F” ratings from the NRA. Because at some point, we are going to have to admit that some of the blood is on our hands. If voters refuse to exercise their power to replace the monsters who care more about the rights of gun manufacturers than we the people, then we the people are partially responsible for gun violence. We the people have given our rights to men and women who have no qualms about letting us die by gun violence.
How many more? A lot. Kids, moms, dads, students, innocents. Unless we vote. We have the power to do something, to change the dynamic, to elect people who represent us, not the NRA, not Bushmaster, not Smith & Wesson.
It’s up to us now.


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