Oh, Apcriot Pol Pot, the tangerine twat waffle, is going to be so mad when he sees this poll. Or, I should say, if he sees this poll, because it was released and conducted in part by that super-duper liberal rag “The Wall Street Journal.” But, you know, just for the old shit and giggles routine, let’s pretend he’s going to see it anyway. The poll — in part — dealt with the political institutions and politicians who are most and least liked by the American people.

For as much as Trump — and frankly all of Republican America — pretends that he represents the majority of Americans, these poll results are quite conclusive to the contrary. The most popular political institution in America according to the NBC/WSJ poll? The FBI. You know, the people who currently have an open investigation into the sitting U.S. president? Yeah, those guys. Most popular.

Now here’s where we’re going to see Trump and his right-wing supporters go ape shit and call the poll “fake news.” Ready? Take a look at this tweet from Mark Murray of NBC News, and check out what the line underneath the FBI says. It might actually surprise you in a good way.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That says “Planned Parenthood” right under the FBI. It has a 50% positive rating, while Trump is at 39%. In this polarized country, it’s understandable that half of it would think poorly of Planned Parenthood because of all the misinformed rhetoric surrounding them. But no matter how you slice it, the healthcare provider that Republicans are demonizing and stripping funding from is more popular than Trump, and the Republican Party. And Paul Ryan. And Mike Pence. And First Lady Ivanka

But what’s perhaps most tasty about this poll is who is number three on the list. I have a personal feeling that it’s the one thing about this poll that drives Trump the absolute craziest. Because we all know he was a sycophantic, obsessed, delusional, racist douchebag to President Obama for nearly a decade. So to see this poll, and notice that Barack Obama has a net positive of 52%. That’s 13 points higher than Trump, 21 points higher than the GOP, and 30 points higher than Speaker Paul Ryan.

When Trump took office, he probably assumed his numbers would start going up. That’s because he, like so many Republicans, fundamentally misunderstood the terms of his victory. For months I’ve been saying that I don’t dispute the outcome of the election. I dispute the necessity of an Electoral College in 2017. The simple truth is that this poll bears out what reality should look like to Team Trump: They barely won on a technicality and should lead from a mostly centrist position if they want to pick up any support, rather than lose it.

Trump and his people can pivot and go right, if they choose. But considering this poll shows that more people trust and like “liberal” institutions and politicians, they’re doing it at their own peril. Gerrymandering only helps so long, and it can’t save you in the Senate, or in the presidential race. The last one-term president was a Republican, and he actually won his first term in a far more convincing fashion than Trump did. To think that Trump himself can’t or won’t be a one-term president is to ignore how absolutely shit-show-tastic these first hundred days have been, and to ignore the fact that they don’t show any sign of getting better.

The narrative that Trump only lost the popular vote because of blue states and specifically one state, my beloved blue island of California, is demonstrably false, and this poll shows it. Perhaps there are more educated, liberal people living in larger population centers, and they are the ones skewing the popular vote for the Democrats. That’s up for study from people who are trained, unlike me, to figure out. All I know is that it makes perfect, logical sense that progressive policies and politicians would be more popular in a country where the more progressive presidential candidate just won a historically large margin of victory in the popular vote.

In the end, what we’re talking about in both instances — this poll, and the election last year — are the same thing. The key? The word “popular” in both instances refers to the same paradigm — likability among the masses. If it doesn’t make sense to you that the ideas and policies supported by the most popular presidential candidate would be more popular than the policies and ideas supported by the guy who “won” by losing, then you’re probably a Republican.

A sad, delusional Republican.

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