As a mom of two millennials, I’ve gotten a glimpse into the world of ironic meta-meta-ness (characters in TV shows commenting on the fact that they’re characters in TV shows, who comment on the fact that they’re…etc.). And as a political junkie/satirist who’s been following this election cycle with rabid, horrified fascination, I’ve seen quite a bit of often unintentional irony. (Melania Trump announcing that her platform as a First Lady would be to fight cyber-bullying will now be listed in the dictionary under the definition of the term.)

Sometimes those two ideas converge, as in the recent news that the only documented example of voter fraud – you know, the supposed scourge that motivates Republicans to enact harsh Voter ID laws and to complain that the election will be rigged – was a Trump voter. She was apparently motivated by his constant claims of voter fraud to vote twice in order to ‘make sure her vote was counted.’ (I’d say she’s giving Melania a run for her money in the irony department.)

Voter fraud has been a long-time right-wing scare tactic, but that myth has been debunked time and time again. (The latest bipartisan research came up with 31 documented cases in over 1 billion votes counted, which makes it statistically even less likely than my chances of being attacked by a shark AND injured by an exploding Rachael Ray teakettle, which would be a weird but interesting way to go…)

So in the interests of both comedy and meta-irony, I’ve responded to these fraudulent claims of voter fraud by my own fraud, transforming from a show-tune-loving suburban Jewish mother into a fraudulent blues singer. (I even add to the fraud by only simulating guitar playing along to a pre-recorded track. If you look closely you’ll see my guitar is actually missing a string.)



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