In an act that isn’t in the interest of public safety, the York County, Virginia Sheriff has added the words “In God We Trust” to his department’s squad cars. The move is part of what seems to be a growing trend of law enforcement agencies asserting their theistic beliefs into supposed secular roles.

The Sheriff defended his decision by saying:

History’s on my side, the courts are on my side, the legislature’s on my side, and I think certainly God is on my side with this as well.

Oops- I guess he didn’t see where a department was recently ordered to remove such decals.

You can’t really argue with the rest of his logic though, right? But how terrifying is this thought- that this individual is delusional to the point that he believes he hears God? And if you say that he doesn’t actually hear/talk to God, then how does he know what his God even wants? Thank goodness he’s been entrusted to wield a firearm! I feel much safer knowing “God” is on his side.

One of the local residents interviewed said:

It is important to make sure that we keep that. It’s what we were founded on in the beginning.

That’s all well and good, except that it’s not true.

The Sheriff said “those who are atheist, I don’t quite get that how they can be so offended by something to them doesn’t exist.”

As an atheist, I’m not offended by the statement “In God We Trust” being displayed. It has no effect on me. It’s akin to reading “In Zeus We Trust.” It’s a nonsensical statement, which is exactly why there is no reason to put it on publicly owned property. The issue is that this is an endorsement of religion by a law enforcement agency. The fact that the Sheriff doesn’t understand this shows that this is being done for personal benefit, and illustrates a lack of understanding of his role as a public servant.

What would happen if a Sheriff decided to put “In Allah We Trust” or “In The Flying Spaghetti Monster We Trust” on his department’s vehicles? It makes absolutely as much sense to me.

When asked if he would remove the logo if an officer disagreed with the statement, the Sheriff answered “I would certainly consider taking [it] off for that deputy.”

How kind of you to “consider” taking it off.

The Sheriff paid for the decal with his own money rather than with public funds. If he knew that it would be a problem to spend public money on it, then he should have realized that this is not in the interest of the public and does nothing to combat public safety concerns.

The decal shows a blatant disregard for the Sheriff’s responsibility to treat all citizens equally.

“This is not something I”m trying to shove down anybody’s throats [sic].”

… Except that is exactly what you’re doing.

Your job is not to share your thoughts on deities. Your job is to protect the public. Do your fucking job, and let preachers do their own jobs.

[h/t Skeptical Mama via 13News]

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