It’s that time once again where we curate the best responses to our Dumbass in Chief’s tweet rants. The bad news is that Trump is still our president. The worse news is that he’s still tweeting. The good news is that he can’t block everyone, and some very smart, witty, funny, and pithy comments get shot back into his big dumb face. You’d think that at some point someone could wrangle the phone from his short, stubby fingers.

Then again, his base — who I’m tired of hearing about — love his tweets. While the rest of humanity views them as a train wreck, they see it as a bold, decisive leader skipping over the lamestream, libtarded press to deliver his message to the masses. Who cares if 80% of what he tweets is bullshit, right? They got the Supreme Court and the black guy’s not in power anymore!

Anyway, onto Trumpy’s stupidity…

Trump Tweet #1

While the rest of the world sees the bombshell New York Times piece on Junior taking a meeting with a Russian lawyer for what it is — intent to collude with a foreign power — President Piss Party took to Twitter first this morning to defend his unintelligent hell spawn.

And he promptly got ROASTED for it. Ton Posnanski did a good job using a line of snark that I did when writing a piece this morning for The Political Garbage Chute entitled “Trump Explains the Witch Hunt Against His Son on the Back of Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate.”

Twitter gives people the ability to call the president a liar directly, which is fun.

I have no idea why I like this response so much. Maybe it’s the lyrical homage to Jay-Z. Maybe it’s the photoshop of the Orange Shit Clown into a green witch. Meh. Whatever. It’s funny.

Trump Tweet #2

Another day, another attempt by the “president” to de-legitimize the free press. NBD though guys. It’s not like a free and fair press is promised as one of the very first elements of our Bill of Rights in the Constitution or some such silly libtarded shit, right?

Luke Waltham with the low hanging, but very fucking true, fruit.

Sometimes I wish Trump could be forced somehow to read these responses out loud in front of a camera. The look on his face while he tries to reason an answer to this question would be pretty funny, I think.

And some more inconvenient truths.

Trump Tweets #3 & 4

Remember when Steve Scalise was shot and everyone was all, “Now it’s time to stop some of the partisan bickering,” and shit? Remember when that pudgy, orange douche sock told us he wants the country to heal and unite after it? I guess using a fuck rag like The Washington Times to attack Democrats with conspiracy bullshit fits that bill?

First, a slap back at the president using his favorite jizz rag — excuse me — news outlet.

Here’s William LeGate asking whether Trump thinks his own son is fake news. Clearly, Mr. LeGate is a fan of my work, because yesterday I published, “President Trump Calls Donald Trump Jr. ‘Fake News’” and asked the same question, but in made-up bullshit news story form.

I won’t lie. I love a good troll response too.

Trump Tweet #5

The final tweet issued from the orange, tiny fingers of Apricot Pol Pot was just your garden variety whistling past the graveyard kinda deal.

Once again, the truth is the best insult sometimes.

But, again,  I realllllllllllly do like a good troll response, too.


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