When The New York Times published their latest bombshell report on Donald Trump Jr. taking a meeting with a Russian lawyer after being promised dirt on Hillary Clinton during last year’s campaign, anyone with a pulse and a post-40 IQ could have predicted what his father would do next. Anyone making said predictions would not have been disappointed in the Piss Haired Tyrant’s tweet rant this morning. It’s kind of sad how predictable Trump is.

-Terrible story that casts Trump or his inner circle in a horrible light is published.

-Trump denies everything, tweets vicious, unhinged attacks.

-Two weeks later stories all completely confirmed.

Rinse, and fucking repeat. But this story seems to have the possibility at least to stick to Trump et. all. Junior Stupid pretty much admitted to colluding with Russia, or wanting to anyway, had that darn pesky Russian lawyer had any real good, usable dirt on Hillary Clinton. That being said, let’s take a look at Trump’s tirade and today’s best responses while Bob Mueller adds “Donald Trump Jr.” to his list of people he needs to interview ASAP.

The Trump Tweets

Trump was in not-rare form this morning. He hit James Comey (keep in mind this tweet came after he saw a Fox & Friends segment where the hosts were saying the same things; he’s not speaking with actual attorneys before making such stupid claims).


He hit Republican Senators because he knows his Trumpcare bill is in deep caca (apparently fucking 20 million people out of insurance was something he thought would make the bill appealing to most Americans).


Lastly, he tweeted defensively about his daughter, an un-elected Trust fund baby, sitting in his chair at the G20 conference after reports and pictures surfaced showing it.



The Responses

First, we have the best snarky comebacks to Trump ending his Comey tweet with the ever presidential, “That is so illegal!”


Then we have the folks who like to keep the focus on the issues of the day, and not the distractions Trump tweets about.


Here’s Jules again, putting some more truth down Trump’s tweet-hole.


Someone else with the same idea, just more concisely pithy.


And there’s this one:


Then came the people smacking him down over Ivanka at G20. Starting with Jules getting the Hat Trick today.

And this one was great too…


And this one…

Just a little truth, is all, NBD.

Finally, the emperor’s clothes are shown to be, well, non-existent, yet again.


Keep coming back every day Trump loses his shit on Twitter, and we’ll keep finding the best responses.


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