Another day, another shit show Twitter tirade from the Chief Twit himself. This time, it was a multi-tweet blast about his closed-door meeting with Vladimir Putin — you know, the guy who seventeen intelligence agencies say helped direct cyber attacks on our country during last year’s election? The guy who Trump just can’t seem to condemn forcefully or publicly for that? The guy who clearly wanted to help Trump win because he was deathly afraid of what four years of President Hillary Clinton would mean for him — more global isolation and dwindling of power and influence? That Putin? Yeah, that’s who Trump was talking about when his tweet storm went predictably off the rails.

As ever, here’s my endeavor to catalog the best responses to his stupidity.

Trump’s Tweet

So here here’s the entire tirade, in a threaded screenshot. It’s obvious that Trump may pretend to not watch unfriendly news coverage on the so-called FAKE NEWS outlets he decries all the time, but that’s bullshit. He’s responding to criticism of his closed-door meeting with Putin at the G20 summit, but he’s trying to spin it as a positive, while simultaneously dumping on President Obama. This whole line of thinking, that Obama did “nothing” about the hacking last year is silly. Trump was out there accusing the election of being rigged; Obama had to tread very lightly in how much he appeared to put his finger on the scale. But that’s just my view, here’s Trump’s dumb tweets, and then we’ll have the responses.

The Responses

First up, just some pesky facts to get in your way.

And then some more unavoidable truth.

And yet some more truth in tweet form.

Trumpers like to pretend he’s the next Ronald Reagan (gross), but he’s not even close, as this tweet spells out.

Putin and Trump working together to create better cyber security? Sure, that seems like a great idea! On the other hand, though…

Petty? Sure. Funny as fuck though? Also, sure.

Good question, but sorry, no he cannot.

And finally for today’s installment…


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