I decided this week that I wanted to highlight the best responses to President Donald Trump’s Twitter tirades. Maybe it’s my part in trying to make the world a better place; I’m not sure. I just think it’s good for us to realize, as shitty as things look, that there are millions of smart people who see through Trump’s stupidity and regularly call him out for it. Venturing onto Twitter and into President Piss Party’s feed is always a “caveat emptor” kind of situation, but that’s why I’m here…to show you Trump’s tweets, and the best smackdowns he got because of them.

Trump’s Tweet

Thus far today, Trump’s only sent one tweet that we should all be embarrassed about. I mean, we should probably be horrified that he’s our president still, but in terms of his craziness writ large, this is the only time he professed so publicly just how dumb he is. And to no one’s surprise, it was, basically, a whiny tweet in defense of his attacks on the free press.

Trump couched his tweet as one in solidarity with the Polish president. But in case you didn’t know, Poland’s president is also very much anti-press freedom. So in all reality, all Trump’s doing here is using the Polish dude to further his own attacks on our Constitution.


The Responses

Adam Best starts us out with a great point about the subtext of Trump’s tweet. The president has been ruthlessly attacking any media outlet that doesn’t kiss his ass for months, and Best calls him on the carpet for it.

Robert Maguire trolls Trump perfectly with his own record of outright, naked as a jaybird lying. Any subject, any time, anywhere. Trump can find a way to lie his orange ass off about it.

Brad Jaffy did the world a favor and took the air out of Trump’s “The FAKE PRESS SAID THE POLISH BROAD DIDN’T SHAKE MY HAND” balloon. Of course, right-wingers will never hear this and continue to assume everyone genuinely thought he was snubbed, but, wtf-ever I gues.


I, um, don’t know what to say about this video, but it’s great trolling, and it deserves some mention on this list.

Gotta love it when you can troll the president over being a draft dodger and Putin’s puppet, eh?

And finally, we have this gem. See you all the next time Trump loses his shit.


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