In case you haven’t noticed, or in case you’ve been in a medically-induced coma for the last six months — our “president” has a Twitter addiction. Specifically, it seems he’s addicted to tweeting inane, mean, bullying, defensive, conspiratorial, factually incorrect tirades. It’s really kind of depressing, actually, thinking about how many millions of Americans really preferred this orange shit clown’s buffoonery to Hillary Clinton. But there is a silver lining to Trump’s tweets — people can respond (for now).

Reading the replies to Trump’s tweets can be infuriating, but they can also be quite entertaining and sustaining, perhaps even inspiring. We’re all in this shit show together, after all. And some of your fellow Americans and our allies across the globe are pretty good at slapping back at the Orange Shit Clown. So each day I’m going to try to chronicle the best responses to Trump’s rage tweets.

July 7th, 2017

Trump Tweet #1

He just couldn’t go a whole day without trolling people who don’t approve of him. Because nothing says presidential like trolling on Twitter. If that were the case, I’d already be president, for fuck’s sake.

I liked the polite but forceful approach from this Twitter user.

And this one’s pithy, a perfect analogy, and brief.

And finally, this one, because it succinctly calls out Trump for getting cozy with a similarly anti-free press foreign leader.

Trump Tweet #2

Leave it to Don the Con to never pass up an opportunity to mislead people. Podesta didn’t work for the DNC. But hey, what’s truth to a sausage fingered fuckwit like Trump anyway?

This response was great; and pretty sad to boot.

You can never go wrong with a perfectly timed “Anchorman” GIF.

Finally, this astute and tragic observation that I’m sure is completely lost on Trumpers the world ’round.

Trump Tweet #3

It just wouldn’t be a day that ends in “Holy Fuck Donald Trump is Our President!” without empty platitudes about making America great again, all caps, whining about how poorly he’s treated by people he bashes every day, and of course a mention of “Fake News,” would it?

Jules’ tweets always end up getting tons of re-tweets and likes. It’s easy to see why. Here’s a 1-2 punch from him with a side of covfefe.

I have no idea who this user is, but this was a haymaker.

Lastly, this one. 



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