How many times have you heard “President” Donald Trump or one of his surrogates tell you that there’s no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia, there never was any collusion with Russia, and that any mention of Trump or his people colluding with Russia is fake news? I personally lost count around thirteen dozen or so times we were told that no one in the Trump campaign met with anyone from Russia, let alone to discuss Hillary Clinton’s emails or other private data.

It’s been a mantra of theirs.

“No Evidence of Collusion
No Evidence of Collusion
No Evidence of Collusion”

With one, simple tweet Trump has rendered that mantra worthless to all but his most sycophantic of supporters, and he did it while defending his son, of course.

Not that anyone should be surprised that Trump basically wadded up and threw away months of denials of collusive efforts. His son’s account of what the meeting was even going to be about changed. First he said it never happened. Then he said it was about Russian adoptions. Then, when he knew The New York Times was breathing down his neck, Donald Trump Jr. released an email chain that had all the evidence anyone ever needed that he’d gone into the meeting believing he was going to get Russian-acquired intel on Hillary Clinton, which is…oh, what’s the fucking word for it…?


The truly fascinating and scary part about Trump’s tweet though was that it didn’t seem to factor into Sean Spicer’s press briefing the same day. Somehow, even after the week long coverage of an email chain that Trump’s son released himself, in which we found out that he was told well before the meeting that he’d get dirt on Hillary, Sean still blew some incredibly thick, bullshit laden smoke. As reported in The Daily BeastSpicer completely contradicted Trump in today’s presser.

“There was nothing as far as we know that would lead anyone to believe” that the meeting between top Trump campaign operatives, including the president’s eldest son, did not have to do with Russia’s ban on the adoption of children by U.S. families, Spicer said. The statement contradicted both the contents of an email setting up the meeting—in which an associate of Donald Trump Jr. offered to set him up with agents of the Russian government who could provide dirt on 2016 election rival Hillary Clinton—and statements by President Trump himself. (source)

Spicer’s lies aside, though, it’s self-evident at this point that we cannot trust a single word Trump or his ilk speak. Here’s a very rough breakdown of the progression of Trump talking points on collusion with Russia.

  2. “There was no collusion, ever.”
  3. “There were never any meetings.”
  4. “Okay, there were meetings, but no collusion.”
  5. “Right, okay, so meetings — yes. Collusion, not on purpose.”
  6. “What kinda libtard cuck WOULDN’T collude with a foreign adversary to help Mitch McConnell steal a Supreme Court pick from the black guy?”
  7. “Collusion isn’t even illegal, CUCK!”

So we know Don Jr. colluded, or at least wanted to collude, with Russia. We know Jared Kushner was in the room. We know Paul Manafort was in the room. We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that collusion took place. And now we have one administration official doing the equivalent of putting his fingers in his ears, and we have a slew of Trumplodytes defending something that, had Hillary been caught doing it, they’d be begging for treason charges to be drafted.

And it’ll do nothing, ultimately, to fix the situation.

Congressional Republicans are still completely unable or unaware to act on the growing and unavoidable evidence that something smells like whore piss, vodka, and borscht in the White House. They want their tax cuts for the wealthy so badly they’ll ignore the avalanche of evidence that’s about to bury them all. And unless liberals and moderates obliterate them in the mid-terms next year, this is the new normal — a rudderless country, spinning in circles.

All of which means Putin wins.

If Donald Trump had been the one to cut down his father’s cherry tree, it’d have been much different from the old chestnut about Washington, I can promise you that. Don’s dad would have asked him why he had an ax in his hand, his cherry tree was in splinters, and his son had cherry juice all over his pantaloons.

“I didn’t chop it down, Daddy,” Kid Trump would say, “and even if I had, this ax isn’t my ax. And even if its my ax, who in their right mind would own an ax and not cut down their dad’s cherry tree? Fake news, Daddy! Fake news!”



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