‘Twas the Morning of Christmas: A Deplorable Poem


‘Twas the morning of Christmas and all through the house
My family sleeps soundly; I say you giant orange louse
The ballots were cast by the voters with care
Though it seems the scampaign was one giant dare

Clinton’s warriors were calm in the pollsters reports
With visions of glass ceilings breaking apart in their heads
And celebrations and champagne lined up ready to go
And kick off four years of going high and not low

Then when those few states came back with the surprise
It wasn’t Hillary they wanted but Donald J Trump
And numbers don’t lie and drop oh they did
Until when that night ended we’d voted for Gump

But little by little we’ve gathered in groups
The nasties, illegals, Jews, minorities too
We’ve rallied together and gathered our wits
To fight the Cheeto Satan monster, them, me and you

Deplorables can shout all the words that they dare
And make all the threats their childish minds dream
But nothing will stop us or even slow us down
Cause this anti Trump movement’s just picking up steam

Now Democrats, Principled Republicans
Now Congress, y’all too!
On Lutzburg, on Eichenwild
On Daou, Blow, Takei, and yes, you
To the streets, to the phones
To the op-eds we will write
We’ll be here and keep at it
Until nothing’s left to fight

We’re moms and we’re dads and we’re sisters, it’s true

Grandmas and grandpas, students and voters so new

Every size every color every age every creed

Will join hands together until we are free

In these new friends I see such a fire

Determination that runs deep, a thirst you can’t quench

To make this would better and safer and pure

Where progress is welcome and fought for by inch

On days I feel down and struggle to push very far

This family of mine holds me up to the bar

I hear them telling me every single day

“This country’s for all, no matter what anyone may say!”


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