If ever there was a more pluperfect case study in both our country’s divide and the challenges we face now: It’s Trump taking the presidency while Hillary takes the popular vote.

Our mechanism of ensuring small states aren’t bullied has put, well, someone who at the very least behaves as bullies do is now going to occupy the White House. That man is going to be our president…for a time. Who knows how long — boredom and pending fraud cases may play a part in his departure — but he WILL be president.

As a comedian, and specifically a political satirist, my number one job is to be objective. So here’s my really quick, almost no sleep take:

So many people made mistakes these past two years. Blaming this result on any one group is folly and unfair. Liberals have to face that they got a huge rebuke last night, and Republicans (won’t call them conservatives) have to face that they’ve won two of their last three White House elections losing the popular vote. They have no mandate as they will surely claim.

What they have is a right to see their policies enacted as long as they are done so constitutionally. Those of us who are frightened by this prospect have a lot of options, but ultimately acceptance has to come into play.

I still have an insane amount of thinking to do as to whether this is the right climate for a satirist of my, um, language and perspective, but I do know that some of the most angry and openly hostile and antisemitix talk (I’m not Jewish, FYI) I’ve ever been exposed to came at me from some people claiming to be Trump supporters. Those are the people the good folks who voted for Trump HAVE TO disavow.

Because yes, there were Obama voters who voted for Trump. Misguided, sure, but what’s done is done.

Donald Trump is a man and a political paradigm worthy of mocking. I won’t lie though, having some random post Google Maps images of your home on Twitter because he thinks you’re part of why this country sucks for him gives me pause.

The bottom line is that we share this failure but we also share the consequences of what happens now. I am sorry to all my LGBTQ, people of color, and female friends and family. This is not good, but the sun will rise. And a whole shit load of people voted against that horrible man.

They’re the ones who ran toward the burning building, not away from it, and tried to stop this from happening. There were many millions of them who tried to make this nightmare fiction again.

But it’s very real. And we now have a very real obligation to buckle up, strap in, and hold on for dear life.

God damn, America. We did it. I have no idea what “it” is, but, well…we did it.

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