Even though their political views don’t mesh all that well, the King of All Media, Howard Stern considers the President of the United States (When Putin Lets Him Be), Donald Trump, to be a “friend.” Well, at least he did before Trump was elected. Now, it’s tough to say if Howard calls Trump a friend anymore. After Stern ripped Trump’s border wall from pillar to post on his show, however, I have a sneaking feeling the most thin-skinned man to ever occupy the White House won’t be sending any holiday cards to the radio legend this year.

On his show last week, Stern obliterated Trump’s stubborn refusal to take funding for his border wall off the table, calling it a “waste of money” and a “simplistic solution” to the immigration debate roiling in this country at the moment.

“You gotta know Donald a bit to understand what’s going on here. The wall’s a simplistic answer to our problems with immigration. It’s something that, you know, morons can get behind because they’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, if you build a wall no one can get over it.’ But it’s not that simple.” (Inquisitir)


That “morons can get behind” the wall line must really sting Trump and any of base that heard it. Howard could arguably be credited with, or blamed for, helping keep Donald relevant enough to even be considered a viable presidential candidate in the first place. By the time Stern started inviting the alleged billionaire on his show to bloviate about how great he was — a bit I suspect Howard knew he was mocking Trump in, but that the orange-tinted twatwaffle had no idea he was making himself the butt of the joke of — Trump had spend a long period of time being, essentially, a clown. He’d host the odd episode of Saturday Night Live, or pop up in some lame cameo in some lamer movie or another, but for the most part Trump had become, essentially, a big name nobody.

It was his presence on Stern’s show that got NBC interested enough in Trump to offer him a reality competition show on their network.

“The Celebrity Apprentice” became a big enough hit that despite all odds Donald garnered just enough positive press to overshadow the literal lifetime of well-documented lying, cheating, and generally shitty behavior that Americans used to frown on in their chief executives. It could be argued, and I think I’m doing it now, that “The Apprentice” polished the turd that is Trump in enough evangelicals’ eyes that they could overlook the mountain of evidence that he was the lecherous, debauched, entitled elitist scumbag they’d been told the Clintons and Obamas were. I’m not sure that I’m willing to go so far as to say he’d never have been elected without “The Apprentice,” because stupidity is our national currency, but it’s a good enough theory, I think. And if you buy into it, then there’s no denying just how much an impact Howard Stern had on resurrecting his celebrity, which is undoubtedly what got Trump elected.

Which is what always gets a good belly laugh out of us when we hear the right telling a liberal celebrity to “stay in their lane,’ isn’t it? They’ll never really be able to tell anyone with a straight face that liberals in this country just worship Democrats like a cult of personality, or that they’re too obsessed with what famous people think. Granted, Ronald Reagan should have taken care of that; but conservatives are, by their very nature, very slow movers and thinkers, so let’s not go getting all that surprised by them still grappling with their own desire to fabricate a Great American President (All Rights Reserved) out of old, white, semi-famous men.

Howard’s audience has always skewed across several demographic groups. Rich, poor, famous, Average Joes, white collar, blue collar…it’s never really mattered. Stern resonates with a massive cross section of America. So whether or not his lambasting Trump and his wall makes any difference with the people it needs to is anyone’s guess. Still, it’s nice to know there’s a chance that some Red Hats might actually hear a little truth about their beloved president and his idiotic wall…not holding my breath though.

Writer/comedian James Schlarmann is the founder of The Political Garbage Chute and his work has been featured on The Huffington Post. You can follow James on Facebook and Instagram, but not Twitter because he has a potty mouth.


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