When you’re about to become the most powerful man in the free world, it’s hard to find time to Christmas shop for those you love and those whose pussies you’ve grabbed are have yet to grab. But when you’re the biggest, hugest winner of all time like Donald Trump, the laws of time and physics simply do not apply to you. So he’s not only got a tremendous, fabulous Christmas shopping list, The Donald’s also already done with all his Christmas shopping. He gets it done in July when all the other losers are too busy going on vacations or whatever it is plebs do.

But we started wondering, “Just what is on Donald Trump’s Christmas List?” And we decided to tweet him to find out. As luck would have it, our President-Elect literally has nothing better to do than to tweet with random people he’s never met, and we got the answers straight from the horse’s ass’s mouth.

First we tweeted him to make sure he’s got time to give us his shopping list.


We asked President-Elect Trump what he gets his wife for Christmas.


Then we asked about his son, Barron.


What does he get his other sons, Eric and Donald, Jr., we asked.


For his daughter, Ivanka?


What did Kellyanne Conway get for Christmas from Donald Trump this year?


What does Steve Bannon get?



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