Harvey Weinstein is a scumbag. Or at least I should say it this way, “If even a fraction of the allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein are true, he’s a complete and total scumbag.” Everyone in America should condemn the kind of gross behavior he’s being accused of in a rather convincing way. People should be outraged, and a little bit if righteous indignation is, in my estimation, completely valid. Oh, except you, Trump supporters. Instead of all that, you should do something a little different…

…like shutting the fuck up.

But, why, you ask, should Trump supporters stop themselves from piling onto Weinstein, even though he’s a Demcorat? Why should they not be allowed to express their moral outrage at a man who by all publicly available accounts preyed on women for decades, trying to establish some kind of ad hoc pimp ring for himself? Because of this video, below, that’s why.

Donald Trump is an admitted, avowed, unabashed, unapologetic misogynistic womanzier. This is one of the great, if not the greatest irony of 2016. I remember my father, a super-duper Christian Conservative Republican, telling me even 20 years after the Lewinsky Affair that a man like Bill Clinton was too morally bankrupt to be president, and his biggest sin was getting some consensual blowjobs from an adult woman while he was still married to an adult woman. Growing up in the American right-wing and coming of age in the Lewinsky years, let me assure you that my pops isn’t the only religious conservative to cast such aspersions on Slick Willy; they mostly all do it. Because casting the first stone is exactly what Jesus wanted, but that’s a different set of hypocrisy we’re not going to address here.

My dad isn’t alone in his other views that portray the Kennedy family as a bunch of lecherous, amoral sex crazed liberals. Suffice to say that moral crusading is alive and well on the right, and isn’t going away any time soon. They are the “family values” party, after all, right? Yet, last year, millions of good, clean, ammo-hoarding Christian conservative Republicans voted for a guy who told Howard Stern not even 15 years ago he’s thought about whether he’d fuck his own daughter or not.

And that, dear friends, is why Trumpers literally have no moral high ground to stand on with this Weinstein business. And the fact that Donald’s dumbfuck son with an overbite that makes him look straight outta The Simpsons is tweeting shit like this is comically absurd.

Tell me something, Junior Dumbfuck, did you disavow your dad? Maybe Harvey was just using locker room talk, after all. But Trump’s idiotic oldest son isn’t the only one banging the hypocritical drum from the right.

There’s convicted felon and world’s worst history scholar Dinesh D’Souza. The irony of course is that he’s dredging up Bill Clinton to attack Hillary and Weinstein, leaving exposed and laid bare yet again the fact that 20 years ago presidential morals and ethics within the Republican Party were much more rigid. Bill Clinton stands as a testimony to just how fluid Republican morality is, because twenty years after the Lewinksy Affair, they put someone in the White House with a far less solid track record for conservative, Christian values.

Then we have the president’s former propaganda chief Sean “P-Goebbels” Spicer, complaining that The Washington Post made no mention of Weinstein’s lechery and it must be because he’s a Democratic donor.

Oh Sean. You have no high ground to ever stand on again. For months we watched you lie and lie to our faces. You even lied about the president’s crowd size when it was obvious as fuck that it was nowhere near as big as Obama’s had been when he was sworn in, either time. When it comes to honesty and integrity, you have as much right to speak to them as you do to being a six-foot-nine starting point guard in the NBA, you dimwit.

That’s to say nothing of the fact that Spicer, for months, worked directly under a guy who not only did what Weinstein is accused of doing, but he bragged about it. Openly. And when he was caught, Trump offered a bullshit non-apology apology and called it “locker room talk.”

So how come Republicans aren’t giving Weinstein the “locker room talk” pass? Oh, right, because of Weinstein being a Democrat. What a farce. At this point, I think you get the idea. If you voted for Donald “Grab ’em by the Pussy” Trump, you literally should not be allowed to crow about anyone else’s sexually predatory behavior. You cannot in good faith support a man who makes gross sexual comments about his daughter and then turn around and say, “Yeah, but fuck that guy for being gross and inappropriate.”

By all means, defend Trump and condemn Weinstein, just understand that people with an IQ over their shoe sizes will laugh unendingly at your stupid ass.


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