A Donald Trump supporter said she would still vote for the presidential candidate if he used a small child to protect himself from a potential assassin’s bullet, much like a Stephen King character did.

Gonzales, LA resident Carly Gross explained Trump would have to do something much more repulsive than hold a toddler between himself and an active shooter to shake her steadfast loyalty to the real estate mogul and his campaign.

The hypothetical question arose last weekend when Gross and her sister Renee McCaleb watched the movie The Dead Zone, based on Stephen King’s book by the same title, on AMC.

After watching Martin Sheen’s character — an abrasive politician named Greg Stillson who was foretold to start World War III as president — use a child to shield himself from the rifle of Johnny Smith (portrayed by Christopher Walken), McCaleb asked her sister if she would still support Donald Trump if he did the same thing in the face of an assassination attack.

The 38-year-old Republican, who describes herself as pro-life, claimed an innocent child’s life is a small price to pay to preserve the possibility of a Trump presidency.

“I know this may not be politically correct, but I’d be alright with Donald Trump using a kid to not get killed, especially if it was a Muslim kid,” Gross stated. “This country needs Donald Trump as president now, before it’s too late. If Trump dies, there won’t be a country for that kid to grow up in, anyway.”

Gross argued that the United States “is in a mess” created by “politicians” and that Donald Trump is “the only person running for president who can save America,” in an effort to justify the use of someone’s baby as a human shield.

Citing their kindred love of America and unyielding support of the billionaire candidate, Gross went on to speculate other Trump backers would feel the same way she does about the sacrificial-child scenario, adding, “Besides, that kid would probably grow up to be a loser, anyway.”

Republished from The Red Shtick.


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