Donald Trump lost the popular vote by over three million, and without the votes of thousands, if not millions, of racists, he’d have lost even biglier…perhaps even in the Electoral College.

Yes, he won the Electoral College and therefore the presidency, legitimately even. I’m not one of those libtard cuck snowflake beta males who pretends he didn’t win, just because we have a stupid and pointless, antidemocratic bullshit thing like the Electoral College. But my point in bringing up the fact that he lost the popular vote, is that he was carried over the finish line, at least in part, by the very same Nazis starting to pop their ugly little heads out in places like Charlottesville.

For all the talk of the parties being the same, and believe me the Democrats are in big need of cleansing some of their most pro-corporatist platforms, can anyone tell me that the Democrats need the support of white supremacists to have any chance of winning now? Yes, Republicans, the KKK was largely started by racist, white conservative Democrats. But did you catch that one part about “conservative” in there? That’s part of Trump’s base now. The same angry, white, racist, douchebags that started the Klan are now buoying Trump.

And for proof of this? Look at how he just can’t condemn the white supremacists without equivocating. Antifa may or may not have been violent in Charlottesville. But they were not the only counter-protesters in Charlottesville, and they sure as hell didn’t get in their car and run it through a bunch of people, killing one. Then, for added insult to injury, after Trump doubled-down on his “Maybe the left is responsible for Heather Heyer’s death too” rhetoric with this secessionist rhetoric.

Don, those fucking statues and monuments were largely erected as a form of intimidation against black southerners and their supporters. Why? Because they were put up during the Jim Crow era, that’s why. They were meant to be ominous warnings against equality and belligerent, stubborn resistance to change.

Here we see our diarrhea-mouthed fuckface in chief make the same mistake so many confederate apologists are making these days. Moving statues does not erase history. We have history books for that. Do you see a bunch of Hitler statues in Germany? Of fucking course you don’t. You remember dark figures from the past, you don’t pay goddamned tribute to them. Move the statues to museums. Or hell, move them to churches, and then all the evangelical fake Christians defending the statues can worship two of their Gods at once — racism, and also racism.

Beauty? Fucking beauty? The beauty of a statue dedicated to men who fought on the wrong side of history? Men who fought to preserve slavery for each state to decide if they should be humane enough to stop it? Eat shit, Don. Funny, but I have a hard time believing that Martin Luther King Jr., another famous Republican, would be so chill about monuments to people like Jackson and Lee. Hell, I doubt Lincoln, the guy who put Trump’s party on the map would be in favor of preserving the “beauty” of statues erected to honor men who tried to tear this country apart.

And that’s really the galling and strange thing about all this, isn’t it? I mean, the fact that Lee, Jackson, and Jeff Davis fought to preserve slavery, one of the most horrific human rights violations ever committed, is bad enough. But aren’t the Republicans supposed to be all about patriotism? All about “YAY AMERICA!” Well, you don’t get much less “YAY AMERICA!” than celebrating people who literally tried to rip the country apart, especially when it was at its core a fight to preserve something so completely antithetical to the liberty and freedom our country was allegedly founded on.

So what I come away with from all of this is a simple idea, and you tell me how much water it holds. My guess is that Trump, and probably any Republican at this point in history, could not have won without the help of the alt-right. This is why he can’t denounce them in any real sense. While the rest of us, left, right, center, and everywhere in between, understand that no strange bedfellows should be made with Nazis, Trump’s ego — his historically well documented ego — doesn’t allow him to do that. Instead, his ego demands he reward loyalty to himself, no matter where it comes from.

Word on the street is that George W. Bush, previously the holder of the Worst Fucking President of All Time award, didn’t vote for Trump last year. Dubya would’ve been part of a whole host of “Never Trump” Republicans who did as such. And yet, Trump still won. If there are so many principled Republicans who sat out or voted for someone else last year, how did Trump win? The answer is, undeniably in the wake of Charlotsville, “With at least some help from white supremacists.” Not that it’s news to any of us. We saw it coming a mile away in a cab when people like David Duke and the Nazi Party endorsed Trump.

Republicans, since Nixon’s first win, have been dabbling in treaty making with racists and bigots. The Southern Strategy is a real thing, and a big reason why the confederate states have voted red ever since the civil rights era. Political parties are cynical, craven organizations that will drop their scruples in a heartbeat if they think electoral survival is in the offing. The GOP can deny and lie about their dependence on the racists in the south all they want; what’s playing out among their ranks now is a civil war between people who want to continue their pact with the racists, and those who don’t.

It worked in 2016. But can their unholy alliance hold up after an entire term of the country watching Trump cuddle up to Nazis? Honestly? Who knows, maybe this country could grow up in three years and finally see racial tensions in this country for what they are. I mean, I wouldn’t go asking the Natives or Mexican immigrants what the odds are of that happening, but you know…you never know…or, do we?

What a time to be alive and completely dead inside.


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