It’s becoming increasingly clear as we move into the Trump Era that a lot of Republicans have no idea how their own ilk behaved during the Obama years. For our latest example, see the controversy brewing over Snoop Dogg’s anti-Trump video. The video stars a man in orange face, clearly playing an artistic rendering of the current White House occupant. At one point in the video, Snoop pulls out a toy gun, points it at the side of the Trump analog’s head, and pulls the trigger, revealing a “Bang!” flag.

To be completely honest — it’s shocking and provocative imagery that Snoop used. But it’s justified usage of the First Amendment because it’s a) satire and b) a political statement. It’s literally the embodiment of free speech. Snoop didn’t say that someone should shoot the actual president. He didn’t ask for someone to carry out that kind of deed. He put up a caricature of Trump that was a literal representation of the things anti-Trumpers hate, and he shot those things.

Predictably, the right is howling about Snoop’s video, and the Snowflake in Chief fired off a trademark early morning tweet about it.

Just so we are clear — Trump has now tweeted more about a Snoop Dogg video than he did about the Quebec mosque shooting. He’s tweeted more about SNL than he has about Steve King’s blatant and disgusting racism. So once again we see his priorities are about him, himself, and Donald Trump.

But what I find most amusing about this new controversy are a couple of things. First, the right’s ability to completely forget the racist shit we saw some of them say about Obama. They really don’t think we didn’t see racist assholes burning Obama in effigy, hanging him in effigy, or just using outright racist imagery when satirizing him.

You know, shit like this:

Of course, given how they reacted to all the vandalism at Jewish cemeteries, and attacks on immigrants from Pakistan and elsewhere, I’m sure right-wingers would look at those pictures and think they were liberals pushing FAKE NEWS…the one in the middle three is a very famous Christian conservative, so they can fuck off with that.  And really, the key point in all of this, is that Snoop isn’t reacting to a vacuum. During the campaign, Trump retweeted racist, debunked crime stats. He constantly talks about Chicago as if its just overrun with angry black thugs. And if you want to just call that the “craziness of the election,” that’s fine. But you still have to square yourself with the fact that for nearly a decade Trump was the asshole pushing Birtherism.

Did Donald really think he could just be a racist clown for ten years and most black people would turn a blind eye to it? How fucking stupid does he think people are? I mean, I know he got elected and that proves that there is at least a healthy number of stupid people living here, but really? You accuse the black guy of being an African plant for a few years, solely because he’s black, and you don’t think that black people in general won’t leap at the chance to mock, ridicule, and insult you?

It just proves how spoiled and out of touch Apricot Pol Pot really is.

The bottom line is that I would support Snoop on this issue regardless because I’m a real liberal and I support freedom of speech no matter who it is. It’s why I agreed with the ACLU for standing up for the Westboro Baptist Church’s right to exist and speak their bullshit. But even beyond that, I support him because what the fuck else did Trump and his idiotic minions expect would happen if they shit all over the first black president simply for being black for eight years. That’s all birtherism was — regardless of who “started’ it — it was racism distilled to its core essence.

Snoop didn’t say someone should kill Donald Trump. He made a political statement against Trump’s words, actions, and policies in a very provocative way. Would I have done it that way? I don’t know. But I sure as fuck am glad I live in a country where I have the option to do so, and the irony of people claiming to love our Constitution so much and turning around to try and gin up support to arrest Snoop over this political protest is laughable to the point of insult.

Trump made his racist bed. Now he lies in it. Until I see Snoop go on TV and tell people to hunt down Trump and kill him, I’m going to assume that all he wanted to do was get the conversation going about what a piece of shit Trump is, and this was how he did it. Until I hear him telling people to assassinate Trump, I’m going to be an adult and give Snoop the benefit of the doubt that artists, but really all Americans deserve.

Snoop was protesting Trump and his policies. Asshole racists were using racist imagery to try and intimidate Obama and his followers. Context matters, both legally and morally. If you don’t know the difference, you’re an idiot. Or Donald Trump.

Both is also totally an option.

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