Here’s the truth, the reality — Donald Trump and his cabal of unqualified, B-team amateurs have already done so much damage to the office of the presidency, and have sewn so many seeds of doubt and chaos, that if they had a shred of decency or an ounce of respect for our country, they’d quit. Right now.

The walls are closing in. Michael Flynn, the guy who only got to be National Security Adviser for about 30 seconds before being fired for lying about contacts with Russia, is now wanting to testify before Congress, but he wants immunity. Word is breaking just now that he’s being denied that immunity, so now the plot has really thickened. It seems to me the biggest reason to deny his request for immunity was that he wasn’t offering anything the committees didn’t already know, which means he was likely just trying to make his boss look good.

Now, I’m not “that guy,” but Flynn is, and last year he said that anyone asking for immunity is guilty of a crime, so that means we should think…what…about him now?

I’m not even saying that one, or any, of them actively colluded with the Russians. I’m just saying their utter ineptitude is enough for them to be given the hook, Vaudeville Style. If they weren’t colluding with Russia, then they are shooting themselves in the foot every day by not being honest and forthright when asked about contacts with the Russians during the election. A good presidential administration, one worth its salt, would have been able to quell this Russia stuff by now, especially if it was just a lot of smoke and now fire.

The more they sputter, the more confusion they foment, the worse it is for the American people. Nixon, believe it or not, grasped this concept better than the Trump team seems to be grasping it right now.

And look, I get it, people who I respect like Rolling Stone guru Matt Taibbi are rightfully warning us not to just give over wholesale to Red Scare 2.0. I genuinely believe that Trump and his team are so clueless and delusional that the Russia thing almost doesn’t matter at this point. Any other president would have been 25th Amendment-ed out of the Oval Office when he accused the previous president of illegal wiretapping and it turned out to be false. Shit, any other president would have willfully resigned if even one of his campaign and/or administration officials had been caught lying about contacts with a foreign adversary during the campaign and afterward.

The Republicans would have demanded Hillary Clinton’s resignation if the shoe were on the other foot poking out from a smart pantsuit, we all know that.

It’s not that I don’t care about the Russia thing, I do care. Part of me thinks this whole mess will end up bringing them down and we’ll find out there was no major collusion, just opportunistic douchebaggery trying to secure the most powerful office in the world for their own use. Part of me thinks that just based on what we know in the public record that at least a handful of Trump operatives worked very closely with Russia’s hackers to deep-six Hillary. When intelligence experts are telling the Senate Intel Committee that Russian active measures worked because the sitting president wanted them to, that’s big news, after all.

Russian deception influenced election due to Trump’s support, senators hear

Donald Trump’s willingness to embrace Russian disinformation was one of the reasons Russia’s interference in the 2016 election worked, the Senate panel investigating the president’s alleged ties to the country heard on Thursday.

But ultimately, with or without fire to go with the Baltic Smoke over our heads, Trump is proven himself so incompetent and not in control of his own fucking tweets that he should be asked to leave, immediately. Each day the drip, drip, dripping of information about just how much or little contact his team had with Russia is getting louder and pooling at his feet. By this time next week, the water line will probably reach his thighs, and by summer, at this rate, he’ll drown in his own hubris and stupidity.

The real story here is that clearly Trump, and the Republicans who voted for him and are backing him in Congress, don’t actually value the country over their party. Because if they did, they’d realize the time is now for them to step aside. The unrest and uncertainty will only grow as more and more information comes to light. Yes, conservatives have done a tremendous job of insulating themselves from the rest of us with Fox News and right-wing talk radio, but eventually, the truth will be too much for anyone to ignore.

Trump is actively damaging this nation with every day he remains in office. The smokescreens and lies can only last for so long, before even people who voted for him turn on him in great numbers. But there will still be millions who want to remain true believers. Those are the people who make it vitally important that Donny do us all a favor and find the shortest, quickest exit route he can. Because those people need to see this as his choice, whether or not he’s “forced” into making it, they need to see he’s leaving of his own volition.

If Trump and his administration did care about this country, if they really wanted to put “America First,” they’d start right now. Their agenda is DOA while this Russian story plays out. Sure, the GOP could go nuclear in the Senate and push Gorsuch through, but midterms are next year. A storm of epic proportions is building. Rumor has it that the events of the last six months have kicked up a blizzard of millions and millions of special, little snowflakes, who just so happen to be tired of having a clearly corrupt, likely compromised, sexually predatory, incompetent, boastful, moronic, conspiracy peddling fuckwit down their throats.

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