Donald Trump gave a “policy” speech today at a failing charter school in Cleveland, Ohio. There is quite a bit of controversy locally about the choice of location, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Trump’s appearance, amid a pair of fundraising events in the area, comes as his campaign web site features one sentence on his education position – he dislikes Common Core – and he increasingly seeks to appeal to African-Americans who largely are in Democrat Hillary Clinton’s corner.

The Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy, in the predominately black neighborhood of Woodland Hills on the city’s east side, is a chronically deficient school, according to report cards issued by the Ohio Department of Education.

It received an overall grade of “D” on its latest report card and lags behind Cleveland’s public schools in student achievement.

Trump could have visited a high-performing Cleveland charter school, but “perhaps he chose this school because it is run by notorious for-profit operator Ron Packard,” Dyer said in a statement.

It should come as no surprise that he spent little time discussing actual school policy, or any policy for that matter. Mostly it was a typical word salad riff that is typical Trump, and it was met with tepid, polite applause by about half the audience per reporters.

He reiterated his spiel on the dangers of the inner cities for minorities, referring to it as “the New Civil Rights Agenda of Our Time.” Trump said, “There’s such danger in our inner cities. There’s such danger in our communities.”

He doubled down on his multiple false claims he was against the Iraq War before the U.S. invasion.   h/t @sopandebclevelandschool2


Fact checks can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

It was over twelve minutes in before he even discussed schools. His one line official policy is basically, “Common Core Bad.”

I watched it, and I did not realize there were children in the room during the speech, or I would have been horrified. As soon as I found out…well…it put fuel on the raging dumpster fire that is already his campaign.

I couldn’t understand why, but a little more digging led to this: It looks like the lift on the media ban is not so “lifted” after all.

Take a moment. Let that sink in. Not only did the candidate for the position of President of the United States lie his ass off, he did it in very detailed terms, discussing terrorism, war, ISIS and 9/11 without any regard for the children that were in the room.

George W. Bush had more sense. He was a human being.

What in the actual hell, America?


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