Despite criticism from both Democrats and fellow Republicans about his harsh tone, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump says he will not alter his tone one bit, maintaining that what people see is the natural color of his skin.

Trump brushed aside critical remarks about his tone by the likes of Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Clinton and former five-term GOP Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo. The real estate mogul insisted his tone is the very reason he’s now leading among a crowded field of Republican contenders.

“Look at the polls,” Trump said. “Americans want someone with a strong tone. No one has a stronger tone than me! Just look at me!”

Trump went on to say, “People say my tone is very ‘in your face.’ I say, ‘Yeah, it is.’ And it’s completely natural. So no, my tone is not going to change one single shade.”

The New York Republican said he believes his glaring colorfulness sets him apart from his GOP rivals, many of whom, he says, have an “anemically understated” tone.

“Everyone is so worried about having a measured tone that isn’t too bold or brash or orange,” Trump explained, “and that’s how you end up with flat, dull candidates like Jeb Bush. America is ready for a brilliant president with brilliant ideas and a brilliant face, and that’s Donald Trump.”

Trump concluded his comments by harkening back to the highly successful Reagan re-election campaign of 1984.

“You know, Reagan talked about ‘morning in America,'” Trump recalled. “Well, my face looks like the freaking sun! Let’s make America great again! Trump 2016!”

Republished from The Red Shtick.


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