What, exactly, did Republicans think was going to happen when they nominated and then elected the “Grab ’em by the Pussy” guy ? What did they think was going to happen when they chanted “Fuck your feelings!” at the top of their lungs? What, really, did they think the impact on decorum and civility in American political parlance would be when they put an angry, lie spewing asshole in  office and then praised him as he denigrated immigrants, parading victims of crime in front of us and blaming it on “others” like Hitler did?

Republicans – when your president started ripping families apart to make a political point, did you not think that eventually decent human beings wouldn’t fight back? We’re fighting back now, and we’re not going to stop.

We will throw Nielsen, Miller, and Huckabee Sanders out of every goddamned restaurant they walk into that’s owned, operated, or staffed by the very people you guys think it’s so great to dehumanize. We will toss every fascist toady  of the most corrupt and racist regime the country has seen in more than a century out of our establishments.

We won’t entertain any  “But, but, the baker and the cakes!” bullshit, either. Being an authoritarian cunt is a choice; being LGBTQ or a person of color isn’t, so you can take that line of reasoning and cram it so far up your ass it makes Mike Pence erotically uncomfortable to watch you fish it out again.

This is what free speech looks like. It’s what a free and open society is. If Huckabee wants to lie with impunity, she needs to stick to the Chick-Fil-As and feeding troughs that turn a blind eye to xenophobia and mendacity. Otherwise, she will continue to run into compassionate, humane Americans who are appalled by her bullshit, and she WILL be confronted, as she should be.

How hilarious is it that the “Fuck your feelings” crowd is crying about Nielsen’s feelings, or Huckabees, or that Nazi Miller’s? How galling is it that the “no safe spaces ever” people are demanding that the entire public square be a safe space for them? They don’t think they should have to deal with dissenting opinions.

Show me the first time a person who’s confronting one of Trump’s cabinet commits an assault and I’ll condemn it. Show me where a protester involves one of Trump’s toady’s spouses or children, and I’ll call it out. But average Americans who have had enough of the racism, intolerance, anti-immigrant rhetoric, and general lies from this administration aren’t going to stop speaking out, and here’s the thing — they shouldn’t.

They have a right and more importantly a duty to do it.

What we’re seeing now is exactly what the First Amendment is for. Pearl clutch over the loss of civility in society if you want to, but I think the natives who were wiped off the continent, the slaves, and the black men lynched even after slavery was abolished will find your hysteria really hilariously ironic, though. No one has told Sarah she can’t eat out in public; just that she risks not being served in places where her views are deemed anti-American and toxic to the people who actually run those businesses.

It’s funny, because in discussing the baker and the gay wedding cakes, conservatives love to try and “gotcha” you with the “would you force a Jew to bake a Nazi cake” line of questioning. So, here we are conservatives, and the owner of the Red Hen disagrees with child separation as strongly as she does about antisemitic Nazi policies. So she refused to serve Sarah. That should be, I would think, the end of the discussion.

But it’s not.

Because Donny Dumbfuck went and tweeted about it.

Let’s just ignore the fact that Trump’s restaurants have had multiple health code violations. Let’s instead focus on the real core of the conservative hypocrisy machine, lain bare in his tweet. Imagine if Barack Obama had personally attacked a small business owner from his official Twitter account as President of the United States of America. Congressional Republicans might have skipped impeachment and gone right to riding him out of the country on a rail.

I am sure beyond a shadow of any doubt that the same people freaking out about the lack of decorum right now would have been absolutely apoplectic about the “rudeness” and “inappropriateness” of stealing all that tea and dumping it in the Boston harbor. They’d be the one blaming the runaway slaves and not the Fugitive Slave Act. They’d be condemning the rioters at Stonewall and not the egregious anti-LGBT laws of the time. These people want all the freedom they can get without fighting for a drop of it.

Trump’s tweet, really, just crystallizes why so many of us are taking the gloves off. You can’t elect a bullying asshole who hires other assholes to do his bullying for him and not expect that at some point people will fight back. Sometimes you have to knock a bully down the ground to get them to stop being bullies. This is one of those times.

There’s no better way to knock a bully down than a little polite resistance and incivility when the time’s right. The time is extremely right.



  1. I agree- to quote the late Harry S.Truman- if you can;t stand the heat, then stay out of the(insert expletive here) kitchen!


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