Trump Proposes All Undocumented People Be Issued Sombrero Patches

Trump has a new immigration proposal for his supporters to hang their hats on.

CHINGADERO NARANJO, ARIZONA — Just hours after delivering an intense, scripted speech on his proposed immigration policies, Donald Trump floated a related idea at a rally in Arizona. If elected, Trump wants to have funds set aside to create embroidered patches in the shape of traditional Mexican sombreros. The patches would then be issued to any undocumented workers his special deportation task force finds.

“These patches will be the best patches you can imagine, made from the finest of materials by the best sweat shop labor the third world has to offer,” Trump told his supporters, “and they¬†will help us identify them more quickly, so we know which ones we haven’t put into our big deportation catapult we’re having built right next to our great wall yet.”

Trump acknowledged that many undocumented immigrants aren’t from Mexico, but said he was “goin’ with the Mexi-hats anyway.”

“They might not be from Mexico, sure,” Trump conceded, “but right or wrong, we’ve all grown accustomed to just picturing Mexicans when we talk about any kind of illegal immigrants. Hell, I’ve visited red states that have no Hispanic or Latino populations to speak of, and they’re still fired about The Mexicans taking their jobs.”

To help pay for the new sombrero patches, Trump says he has a “plan so simple even [his] supporters can understand it.”

“We take out a small loan of a trillion dollars from Russia,” Trump said, “I have some, shall we say, acquaintances there who can give us great terms. Then, we pay back the Russian loan by forcing anyone with a sombrero patch to pay an extra ten percent tax on everything they buy, until it’s their turn to take a ride on the Trump Trebuchet, which is what we’re calling the deportation catapult. We thought about calling it the deportapult, but thought that would be too much a mouthful. And now speaking of a mouthful, my hot daughter will come say some things.”

Ivanka Trump took the stage for five minutes and repeated often that Trump was “the best fascist and father” she could have ever hoped for.

Recent studies have all shown net immigration from Mexico has been down for years. In fact, in 2015 Pew Research published a study that showed more Mexicans leaving the United States than coming to it. Trump dismissed reporters’ questions about this as “gotcha lamestream media tactics of asking about the truth and facts and shit.”

“The bottom line is that illegal immigration is the most serious threat to our country,” Trump said, “and it’s not climate change, systemic racism or poverty, stagnating wages, ever-increasing wealth and income inequality, or education access. It’s illegal immigration. So we’re going to fix that, and these patches are a great tool for that purpose. Now, let’s go Make American Great Again, and Let’s Also Somehow Someway Kinda Help Make Mexico Semi Decent Again.”

Trump handed everyone in the press corp new hats that said, “Let’s Also Somehow Someway Kinda Help Make Mexico Semi Decent Again,” on them.

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