Between the health care debacle, damning revelations about Trump campaign Russia ties, and the upcoming Gorsuch SCOTUS vote, it’s hard to know what outrage to focus on. But let’s not forget that in the middle of all this mishegoss, Trump released his budget blueprint, which is even more horrible than we’d anticipated.

It’s a Dickensian cornucopia of harsh cuts in social services (because as the budget director pointed out, “Meals On Wheels” doesn’t actually provide any ROI) and a Tea Party wish list of eviscerating all those hoity-toity liberal programs like arts, humanities, environmental protection, disease research, and of course PBS. Big Bird can die from the infectious diseases we’ll no longer prevent. And all to pay for a huge increase in our already over-inflated military, and for the wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for.

Even if it doesn’t stand a chance of passing as is, it sure gives us a good idea of the Trump administration’s priorities. Fortunately, the budget is also a great source of artistic inspiration at least to satirists. (If you didn’t catch the story, columnist Alexandra Petri wrote a piece titled “Trump’s Budget Makes Perfect Sense And Will Fix America, And I Will Tell You Why.” White House aides apparently didn’t read past the title and for a day or so they posted a link to the article on their website – thus sharing lines like “We will be able to by lots of guns and cool things that go BOOM and POW and PEW PEW PEW. As for The Dept. of Agriculture? No more of this namby-pamby gathering nonsense. We will be hunters again – this is also why we’re cutting the SNAP program for Women, Infants and Children: Let them FIGHT for their meat or have NONE.” (Check out the full article here.)

Anyway, once the White House took the article down, the only way for me to stay cheerful while I commented on this absolutely awful budget was to channel my inner Ellie Mae Clampett. (It’s hard to frown wearing that wig!)


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