Twitter is not as large a social media platform as Facebook; the numbers don’t lie. But that doesn’t seem to be a deterrent from President-Elect Donald Trump utilizing it as his primary instrument of communication. To be fair to the bewigged, liar in chief-elect, FDR was lauded for his vision to use the radio in ways other presidents couldn’t or wouldn’t, and JFK was known as the first TV President. So perhaps years from now historians will view Trump’s tweets in the same vein as FDR’s “Fireside Chats,” and we’ll all realize he was just a genius ahead of his time, using a new communication medium to really reach the people and push this whole American experiment thing into a new, better era.

Then again…

That’s a tweet from Trump just yesterday. The weird thing isn’t just that he’s randomly retweeting someone who doesn’t seem to exist anymore, he retweets them when they didn’t even use his own daugther’s correct Twitter handle. How can you not raise an eyebrow when you see this kind of idiocy? It’s almost like he’s trolling, behaving in a way that would make you think his social media isn’t always under his direct control.

But hey, maybe that’s just a bad tweet for an example, let’s take a look at a couple more…

Okay…so now the soon-to-be most powerful man in the free world is using Twitter to beat up on a cable news channel because he assumes their report on the girl he’s wanted to fuck for a long, long time his daughter will be unflattering. So, not the best or most presidential use of a communications platform, and I’m trying to convince you to get yourself a Twitter account so you don’t miss really important, newsworthy moments…let’s try another tweet of Don’s, shall we?

Okay, so that’s just him complaining about a sketch comedy show for like the sixth or seventh time since being elected…let’s try another…

And that’s our next president publicly shitting on a literal icon of the civil rights movement. On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. And Rep. Lewis was a close, personal friend of King’s. So let’s really dig deep and try to find the kind of tweet that will draw you to Twitter in order to see your commander in chief in action.

Well, this appears to just be our future president shilling for someone’s company. I mean, nothing’s wrong with that, right? It’s not like the person who owns said company has a SuperPAC that donated to Trump, right?

Pro-Trump PAC tied to L.L. Bean heiress discloses donations

A pro-Trump PAC linked to L.L. Bean heiress Linda Bean is now reporting donations it never disclosed to the federal government last year. The amended filings by Making Maine Great Again LLC say Bean donated $30,000, not $60,000 as the political action committee originally reported.


Okay, so at this point I’ve established, I think, that Trump’s Twitter timeline is a shit show of epic proportions. But the thing is, it’s pretty apparent that he’s at least going to try and conduct the business of being president from it. Because mixed in with all the personal vendetta tweets and whining about how he could’ve won the popular vote if he wanted to are tweets that pertain to how he’ll govern.

It’s pretty funny to me that the GOP are the ones who elected Trump, too. Because for eight years we’ve heard how unseriously Obama takes the office. We’ve heard how he’s always on vacation, never paying attention to the job. And now they’ve put a guy into office who will spend half his time in New York City instead of Washington, and who is using a social media platform to attack anyone and everyone he thinks wrongs him or embarrasses him.

We’re going to get to see just how much damage can be done in 140 characters or less. We’ll get to see if other world leaders can resist the urge to get into a Twitter war with the leader of the free world. We’re in for a treat, I’m sure, as the most thin-skinned, arrogant, immature, tantrum throwing baby to occupy the White House ever wields his tweets like a big stick he can’t walk around without. And all the flubs, gaffes, idiotic retweets, and more will be a reflection on all of us, so it’s probably a good idea to get yourself onto Twitter sooner rather than later. If nothing else, you’ll want to know which tweet finally starts World War III as you head into your bunker, right?

This is what we get when we let less than half the country pick a goddamned reality-TV star as a world leader…an unqualified buffoon at the wheel.

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