Why is Trump the hero of the “Pro Life” Movement?

Donald Trump is extremely busy, since he took office. Trump has issued a number of executive orders. The orders have ranged from authorizing construction on oil pipelines to imposing immigration restrictions. The one order drawing much praise from the right is the reinstating of what’s know as the “global gag rule”.

The “gag rule” prohibits federal funds being provided to health organizations that operate internationally if those organizations offer abortion services. This includes even counseling women on abortion. So, now the right is celebrating because they believe this means that their tax money is no longer funding abortions. The problem with this belief is that their tax money is not actually been used to fund abortions. Laws are in place that prohibit the money received from the federal government from being used for abortions. Facts aside, the religious right still views this as a victory in their on going war on women’s right to make decisions about their body.

Now there are many extremely negative consequences of the “global gag rule” and they certainly are serious, but the other thing that is serious is just why Trump would reinstate this harmful policy.

Donald Trump was elected thanks in large part because of his support from evangelical Christians. For some reason, this group of Americans voted for perhaps the most unchristian presidential candidate in our history. This executive action shows us why. They believed Trump would take actions like these and would appoint a Supreme Court justice that will help them with their goal of overturning Roe V. Wade. Make no mistake though, Donald Trump does not care at all about abortions.

So, Why Do This?

Donald Trump is a rich business man. His administration is packed with rich business men and women. He is a President for the rich who was elected by convincing people that he would be a President for the common man. The fact is that many of the people who are going to be hurt the most by his economic policies are the same people who voted for him. Trump, or those close to him, is probably aware of this. Back to the “global gag rule”, it is nothing more than a political tool to keep the religious right happy and distracted from how badly they’re getting screwed over.

A good number of these people are uneducated and don’t really understand economic policy anyway, but they sure can understand Trump controlling women’s bodies. They rejoice that their “pro life” agenda is being advanced. This allows them to not process just how harmful Trump will be. In four years they will head to the polls again and cast their vote for their anti-abortion champion. They will never realize that Trump doesn’t really give a damn about their agenda, he’s just playing them.

It’s sad that so many women will suffer because of this.


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