This morning, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted the following message to the world.

Now, I’d love to put an end to all the hostilities between Trump and me for just one day. I’d love to give Apricot Pol Pot the benefit of the doubt and truly believe he actually understands why MLK was a “great man” as Trump referred to him. I’d love nothing more than to truly believe that the Tangerine Twatwaffle went to bed last night and had a pissy epiphany (epissphany?) about what it means to be president, and how important it will be for him to embrace heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr. for truly furthering the causes of freedom and equality.

Then again, the Ochre Ogre literally tweeted an attack on Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) a day earlier, below.

For some reason the Salmon-Tinted Shitbag decided he needed to tweet one more attack on Lewis just a few hours after his first few tweets about him.

Rep. Lewis was a dear friend of Martin Luther King’s. It takes enormous intellectual dishonesty and damn-near Herculean levels of cognitive dissonance to attack a living civil rights icon one day, and then turnaround and laud his friend for his sacrifices to the cause of civil rights, and Trump clearly possesses both. He also very obviously depends on his supporters equivocating and obfuscating for him, because any cursory glance of his Twitter timeline over the years would show Trump’s, shall we say tone deafness when it comes to race.

Then again, it wasn’t really “tone deaf” when he was a Birther, was it?

You can’t really call this tweet tone deaf. It’s just bullshit. It’s racist bullshit. There was never any credible reason to ever doubt Barack Obama’s country of birth. If he had been named Todd Williamson the birther issue would never have gained traction. If he had white skin it never would have taken off. But it did. And the man who is now tweeting honorary tweets of Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of the chief birther mongers for over half a decade.

It’s not like the birther bullshit was Trump’s first traipse into Racist Town. In the 1970’s he and his pops were sued for trying to keep black families out of the apartment buildings they were putting up. Just a few months ago, as the presidential campaign was winding down, Trump reiterated his belief that the Central Park Five — five African American and Latino men who were wrongfully accused and convicted of rape — were in fact guilty despite the fact that DNA evidence exonerated all of them.

Oh yeah, and also during the presidential campaign Trump retweeted a patently false and overtly racist infographic on crime stats. While he has tapped Ben Carson and Steve Harvey to double-team the Housing and Urban Development department — I’m guessing because he saw the word “urban” and like a good little Republican decided that meant “black people” — Trump has also put white supremacist Steve Bannon in his inner circle and General Mike Flynn, the man he wants as his top national security adviser, believes in registering and banning Muslims from entering the country.

And if all that wasn’t enough to show that Trump is at the very least mildly racist, he also stirs up pride and hubris in actual, strident racists. Richard Spencer is a neoNazi fuck boy who famously led chants of “Hail Trump!” after the election. Trump’s most antisemtic and racist followers have turned Twitter into a minefield of a cesspool. I ran a few pieces last year that were just round-ups of the most vile, racist shit you could imagine, and they were all sent in broad daylight, without a single care of who saw them.

The bottom line here is pretty simple: While it’s all well and good for Trump to pay lip service to honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., literally nothing Trump has done in his private or public life would indicate he actually appreciates King or the sacrifices he made. Nothing Trump has said offers any insight into how much he truly gets what King was fighting for. Trump is at the very best a mildly racist, rich old fuck who has no problem preying on people whose racism is either like his and buried just below the surface, or is more David Duke-ian in its outright proclamation of white supremacy.

We cannot allow Trump to normalize his hatred by hiding it behind meaningless, platitude laden tweets. Trump doesn’t represent the promise of Martin Luther King’s dream. He represents a return to the tacit racism of blaming divorce rates and biological tendencies toward crime. He represents a backwards, anti-modern view of race relations. Donald Trump is, therefore, the farthest fucking thing in the known and unknown universe from a devotee of Martin Luther King’s teachings, and so I treat his honoring of King the same way I treat everything of his.

I shit on it. Though, given who we’re talking about, maybe I should hire two Russian prostitutes to piss on it instead.

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