Donald J. Trump is many things. Disgusting. Obnoxious. Arrogant. Entitled. Out of touch. Probably extremely racist. And above all else, a massive coward. Remember when he canceled on a Republican primary last year because super-intimidating Fox News Blonde Robot Megyn Kelly was going to be the moderator? I wrote this satirical piece about it:

Trump Bails On Next GOP Debate So He Can Miss Megyn Kelly’s ‘Ragtime Blues’

Remember, he wanted to back out of that debate because at the previous one Fox News hosted, Kelly grilled him on his record of idiotic and misogynistic comments. He blamed her line of questioning on her period…seriously…and then backed out of the next one. And for a group of people allegedly in love with the idea of personal responsibility and accountability, it was odd that the Republican base actually rewarded his cowardize.

Today, we got to see that Trump’s wimpy nature is in fact genetic.

In two separate incidents, Donald Trump, Jr. and his father’s most precious lover/daughter Ivanka cut interviews with the media short after getting hit with tougher questions than they have to field from Fox News and other conservative outlets. Ivanka, during an interview with Cosmopolitan cut out early, and her bro-bro Donnie Jr.’s aides had him cut his interview on a local TV station in Pennsylvania short when he got asked questions about his dad’s likely sham charity donations.

Ivanka was asked by Cosmo’s Prachi Gupta about what made Trump decide that paid maternity leave was an issue he cared about. Gupta referenced comments the alleged billionaire made in 2004, when he called pregnancy an inconvenience to business owners. Ivanka got incredibly invasive and even implied that Gupta was making up quotes. Gupta wasn’t. After another series of questions about how the paid leave would be accounted for in the federal budge, and Ivanka trying to imply Gupta was editorializing in her interview, Ivanka abruptly ended the interview, saying, “I’m going to jump off, I have to run. I apologize.”

Moron Jr.’s interview kerfuffle came when he was asked by the Pennsylvania reporter about the explosive story broken by The Washington Post’s David A. Fahrenthold about the Trump Foundation’s super-questionable accounting practices. In particular, the issue was raised by the interviewer about whether Junior Trump authorized the purchase of a portrait of his daddy with over $20,000 of other peoples’ money. Oh yeah, in case you haven’t been caught up, Fahrenthold also was the one who broke the news that the Trump Foundation has been largely funded by other people’s cash since about 2008.

Per Politico:

“You’re a director of the Trump Foundation charity. Did you sign off on charity money for a portrait?” WTAE reporter Bob Mayo asked in a segment aired Wednesday evening, with the Trump Organization executive in town to open his father’s western Pennsylvania campaign headquarters. (source)

Trump’s oldest male heir denied knowing anything about the portrait. When Mayo tried to press him as to why Junior didn’t know about the portrait, an off-camera voice ended the interview. Because that’s what people who are confident they won’t fuck an answer up do, right?


The Trump’s, clearly, are all completely scared shitless of the power of a journalist’s questioning. Which would be fine if the image they were trying to sell to the American public wasn’t that they’re all steadfast, strong, resolute, and able to handle the tough issues head-on. Between Trump bailing on last year’s primary debate (and trying to weasel his way into a moderator-free debate with Hillary so he can’t be real-time fact checked), Ivanka’s skittishness, and Donnie Jr.’s bonered-up interview, it’s plain as day that this is one facade that even gold plating and giant “TRUMP” lettering can’t make look convincing.

Some brave candidate you guys have picked for yourselves, Republicans. You must be so proud.


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