Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke said Donald Trump and his presidential campaign have spurred him to spread the message that white people can be absolutely detestable.
Citing Trump’s GOP convention acceptance speech as motivation, the 66-year-old Republican from Mandeville said he decided to run for U.S. Senate in the hopes of reminding the rest of the country and the world that there are still plenty of shamelessly despicable white people left on the planet in 2016.
Duke joined the crowded field seeking to replace retiring Sen. David Vitter,saying Friday that Donald Trump’s presidential nomination proves the GOP wants hateful, white supremacist propaganda as part of the national discourse.
“My time has come,” said Duke, who was known as “that creep who wears a Nazi uniform” as an LSU student. “Donald Trump’s nomination shows that the Republican Party has embraced political principles I have been championing for years, like keeping brown people out of our country, eradicating laws and government programs that help blacks, and abolishing trade agreements that send the money and jobs of whites to the yellows.”
The former state legislator explained how the New York billionaire’s candidacy prompted him to run for the Senate and reveal just how many disgusting white people are still willing to vote for an infamous white supremacist who says he’d represent the interests of white European Americans in the Senate.

“I heard what Mr. Trump has been saying since he came down that escalator and called Mexicans the murderers, drug dealers, and rapists they are,” the severely facially enhanced Duke stated. “Every Trump rally I’ve watched on TV, it’s like he was talking right to me. He reminds me of a college roommate I used to write manifestos with in the Quad at LSU.”
While he said he appreciates Trump exposing millions of Americans’ deep-seeded need to have their racial biases validated by an unapologetic bigot, Duke emphasized that he wants people to know he was promoting fascist ideas long before Trump brought them back in vogue.
“People have been calling me ‘xenophobic,’ ‘racist,’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ for decades,” Duke recalled.
When the noted Jew-hater was informed that Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism and married a Jew, he replied, “Well, nobody’s perfect. Not even a hero of the master race.”

Republished from The Red Shtick.


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