Donald Trump is the personification of Republican hypocrisy. He is an orange shit golem that is the physical embodiment of every two-faced projection of an accusation that Republcians have hurtled at Democratic presidents for years. In the eight years he was in office, Barack Obama was called a lawless dictator who thought he was above the law so many times I lost count and stopped caring. When Bill Clinton was being dragged by them in the 90’s over a blowjob, the GOP was convinced Slick Willy was Hitler incarnate, or Stalin reborn.

But just imagine the tear-stained, spittle flecked, verbal diarrhea that people Sean Hannity or Fucker Carlson would be spewing nightly if Obama had fired a special prosecutor…oh wait, that would be impossible because for all their lying about his scandalous administration, they never found a shred of evidence that would warrant a special counsel investigation. So let’s go with Bill Clinton again…imagine the poutrage and faux-patriotic chest beating that would have happened if Bill had tried to fire Ken Starr as he was investigating him.

And here’s the kicker — they’d have been completely justified in their anger.

Just as Democrats and Trump detractors are justified in their own anger today, after reading the bombshell New York Times report that indicates President Donald J. Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller last June, and that the only thing that stopped him was his lawyer threatening to quit instead of carrying the hit out. If you even remotely care about the idea that no one in this country is born better than other, and that no one deserves treatment that puts them above the law, you should be outraged by this news. The simple fact is that completely innocent people tend to be okay with investigations into their behavior, because they have nothing to hide. Trump’s attempt to fire Mueller shows he doesn’t even think he’s innocent, because even someone who has deluded themselves into thinking they’re innocent would still welcome an investigation.

The reality as I see it is that Donald Trump is the second coming of Richard Nixon, and the Republicans this time don’t have nearly as much as honor as they did more than 40 years ago. Without a doubt Trump has committed offenses worthy of impeachment on the 25th Amendment alone. But attempting to obstruct justice is the same as obstruction of justice; it’s just a matter of if your attempts succeed or not. And obstruction of justice, firing a special prosecutor, or counselor in today’s terms, is precisely what drove the final nail into Nixon’s coffin.

Yet…where are the similar cries from Republicans for him to resign that they were shouting back in Nixon’s day? I’ll tell you where — they aren’t coming. Not yet anyway. As someone who grew up in a staunchly conservative, proudly Republican home, I can assure you that there are millions of them that still feel to this day that Nixon wasn’t wrong. And they’ve had all this time to stew in the shit that is Watergate. Clearly many have made the calculations that despite knowing what poll numbers like Trump’s truly mean, they can just remain insulated in their bubbles because they know their voters have been turned into blind partisans instead of critical thinkers.

But if Bill Clinton had tried to fire Ken Starr, make no mistake, they would have arrested him. They would have told you, rightfully so, that Clinton was impeding a lawful investigation. Now, you and I both know a blowjob crusade and colluding with a foreign adversary are different things entirely. But wholly on the merits of the hypothetical, they’d be right to caterwaul about it.

Their silence now is as telling as anything. Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds. It allows them to steal Supreme Court seats and act pious about their bullshit fraudulent defense of made-up Constitutional principles. It lets them elect a sexual predator, and it allows them to elect an undeniable racist after spending 8 years telling us racism is dead, and that Obama was the real divider….but I never once heard Obama call anyone, even the giant orange fuckface in chief, who was trolling him daily with racist lies about his birth certificate, a “loser” or anything of the sort.

If the GOP didn’t have hypocrisy, they’d have nothing at this point but Newt Gingrich’s fat ass to build their future on.


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