Boy are there some high and mighty folks in this country. Considering that we are very clearly witnessing a hostile takeover of our government thanks to the Electoral College, and considering the Fuckwit in Chief has already acted on incomplete and bad intelligence and gotten people literally killed, I find it really amazing that people are catterwauling over Nazis getting punched or a riot breaking out at UC Berkeley when that shitbird Milo Yianahyourejustpieceofshitbro was scheduled to spout inflammatory hate speech give a speech of some kind.

I find it double hilarious that conservatives are trying to lecture and warn people against this kind of thing because “it’ll just inspire crackdowns.” So let me get this straight: we are to sit back, shut up and take abuse because if we protest too hard we’ll be subjected to being forced to shut up and take abuse. Sure, that’s not circular logic at all.

Let’s just get the boilerplate shit out of the way: No, I don’t condone murdering people you disagree with. No, I don’t even condone violence or rioting. I’m not capable of doing these things myself, because I’ve always loved pissing people off with my words more than anything.

That being said — the stakes right now are incredibly high. There are leaks coming out about executive orders that essentially roll back every bit of social progress we’ve made in this country so that Christofascists can feel safe and warm in their little bubbles…while ironically accusing libtards of needing safe spaces to survive. The man in charge of our country just authorized a raid in Yemen with intelligence so shitty the Obama administration passed on it…and it went horrifically. People died that we didn’t want to die. Including a little girl.

But no Ben Gozzis around to screech about it now…for some odd reason.

And the Yemeni raid is literally just one of a handful of stories that should scare the fuck out of you about the next four years. Fights with Mexico over the border and threats to send troops there, hanging up on Australia’s prime minister after insulting him over a refugee agreement Obama made? These are hallmarks of a hard-right, white nationalist turn. And you’re going to try and wind me up over an actual Nazi getting punched in the face, or some property getting destroyed?

Under normal circumstances, I’d probably agree with you. But we are living in a very volatile time. Liberties are being threatened by the very people that some are worried about reacting too harshly too. I know from firsthand experience, which I documented here on this very website, the kinds of violence and mayhem some of the extremists — the same people that Milo Youreadouchbago calls his fanbase — in the Trump camp pine for.

Let me show you some of the tweets I got from Milo fans during the election before you tell me I should give more fucks about the property damage at Berkeley. Let me tell you about the multiple occasions where food orders were sent to my house, breaching my privacy, by Milo fans, before you ask me to care that Nazis get punched in the face.

Would I punch a person for their political view? Probably not. Would I set a fire or break a window because some Nazi fuckwit troll was about to speak at my college? Nah, probably not. But am I going to have sympathy when people who dox me, threaten my life, and send horrific images of my head in an oven get a taste of their own violent medicine?

Fuck no.

Some shit is so toxic the normal rules don’t apply. If someone wants to make their mission in life to grow fear, intimidation, and harm against smaller groups, they take their own health and safety into their hands. There are risks to freedom, and one of them is getting your ass punched if you truly, truly believe you have a right murder or ostracize innocent people en masse.

Rioters should be prosecuted. So should people who assault Nazis. We need law and order, and I feel like if you take the risk on a crime, even one that’s as righteous as punching Nazis, you should be willing to do the time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes we get given a choice between cheer leading for bad people, cheer leading for good people doing “bad” things, or cheer leading for bad people getting a tiny taste of what they claim to want for everyone.

I choose the latter. Always. Unflinchingly. Before you lecture me on it, come spend a day in my shoes, hear the shit I hear, see the shit I see, take the abuse I take, and read the threats of violence that they doll out as a matter of course (helicopter rides for “socialists”, armed revolt against Obama’s administration, etc) and then if you still think you have the moral high ground to criticize me for not giving a fuck that a Nazi got punched or some property that is insured and will be replaced is damaged, then sure, I’ll listen to your piety and hand-wringing lecture.

Why not?

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