Donald Trump has never had to answer to anyone for anything. Most CEO’s have shareholders and a board of directors to whom they report, who have the authority to fire them. The Trump Organization is a conglomerate of privately held businesses run by Trump himself, with no real outside accountability. Since he has only worked for himself his entire life, the man has never had a boss other than his father.

His father started him out with a $1 million loan, as well as a $1 million trust fund. By 1985, he had $14 million in loans outstanding to his father, Fred Trump. Daddy also co-signed and guaranteed numerous loans and lines of credit from banks so that Donald could borrow money for his projects. His father bailed him out several times, most notably a shady deal with casino chips. When Fred Trump passed away, Donald inherited a share of his sizable estate. (WaPo)

He has never had a boss, and everything has been fed to him with a platinum spoon. Because of that, Trump has never, ever had to be subservient or diplomatic. He could scream and yell, be the biggest bully around, and nobody could say anything. He was the boss. In fact, this served him well in the primaries, because the attitude fed his base of supporters. The blue collar angry Americans who have never had the ability to tell off anyone ate up the supposed billionaire from New York who could say anything he wanted. “He tells it like it is!” became the rallying cry. They never for a moment stopped to think what that would mean in a diplomatic situation, because they did not care.

Time and time again Donald Trump revved up the internal desires of the subservient members of society. He ranted and he raved about anything that came into his mind, and they finally had that feeling they had craved, whether they had realized it or not. They joined in with him and applauded his words, they internalized his rage, they fed off it until they externalized it. And now they had their savior, the man they could put in the White House. This man would go to Washington and be their voice. Finally, they would have someone who would just say what he thought!

Unfortunately now they are getting exactly that. Except diplomacy is needed, desperately. Donald Trump has already made huge errors that may cost the United States allies, that could even start wars. He has made mince meat of our relationship with Mexico, from this ridiculous demand they pay for this ridiculous wall, to threatening to send in our troops to take care of the “bad hombres down there”. (TPM)

Now we find out he went into a rage on a call with the Australian Prime Minister. For some reason (narcissism perhaps?) he felt the need to brag about his massive electoral victory (in the alternate time line in which he lives), repeatedly inflated the number of refugees in the U.S. agreement with Australia, and finally hung up on the man less than halfway into the call like a defiant tween pissed off at her BFF for not sitting next to her at lunchtime. (WaPo)

The presidency does not lend itself to whiny-assed, inexperienced, undiplomatic narcissists, bless his heart. Whoever comes next is going to have a massive mess to clean up. Lord willing we haven’t been nuked by Canada.


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