I don’t need to convince Modern Liberals that the GOP nominee has only a passing acquaintance with actual facts. In fact, Google “Trump lies”, and you’ll get almost 76 million results in less than half a second. He lies so often, it’s hard to keep up – remember when he lied about having already given money to veterans? Or lied about that pastor in Flint? Those were over a week old, so they’ve already faded.

Apparently one of his recent whoppers finally got mainstream media outlets pissed enough to use the word ‘lie’ in their coverage. (You’d think the tipping point would’ve been Trump’s claim that Hillary started the birther nonsense and he finished it, but I think the networks were more upset that Trump’s announced press conference/major announcement turned out to be an infomercial for his latest hotel. Whatever, at least they’ve stopped pussyfooting around the fact that almost everything Trump says is false.)

But now the media are shocked, shocked! to learn that a major party candidate is a serial liar, while the rest of us are so used to it that our eyes glaze over. Sort of like the expression of the backup models in a Robert Palmer video – so I couldn’t resist slicking back my hair, glopping on shiny red lipgloss, and singing about it. Enjoy!


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