As I write this sentence, I realize how dangerous it is, because I could quickly live to regret it, perhaps as soon as I finish writing it: Donald Trump has hit rock bottom in his never-ending quest to be as unpresidential, delusional, paranoid, and unhinged as possible.

Why would I regret telling the truth like this? Because every day is a fresh Hell with this “president,” and every low is a new rock bottom that’s why. But, for the sake of time, let’s get into what he’s done this time and this morning on Twitter to warrant such an observation from me, shall we? In the wee, small hours of this morning, Trump took to his favorite platform for whining/blowing up the stability of western civilization flat-out accused his predecessor of tapping his phones during last year’s election.

No. Really. I know that sounds fucking crazy because a sitting president accusing his predecessor of illegally wiretapping his phones is the sort of stuff you hear about in countries that don’t tout how robust their democracy is…but…well, unlike our alleged “president,” I’m willing and able to cite factual evidence of my claims. In this case, the sexual predator in chief’s own tweets.

But, he wasn’t done there. This one tweet would have been enough of a bomb thrown into a crowd, but hey, when you’re Tiny Hands Don, you’re not content with one irresponsible, fact-free tweet. No! You need a tweet storm of derp if you’re going to do it Donny Dumbfuck Style.

Here he is postulating that he has some kind of lawsuit against Obama if he wants. Again, keep in mind that when he tweeted this, and in the subsequent hours since, he has provided zero evidence. None. Oh, and for further lulz, keep in mind that if Trump were to bring this suit to court, the discovery process would bury him. That’s why he threatens suits and settles all the time. As soon as he had to open his bullshit for the other side’s discovery, he’d be letting them get access to all his shit he’s been trying desperately to hide.

And finally, we have the president insisting that when Obama put a “tapp” (LOL) on his phone that he was committing acts in the style of Richard Nixon. This proves just how little Trump really understands or was educated because it’s the most ironic statement ever. Nixon hid from the press. Nixon tried to bully his enemies into submission. Nixon was an icon and a hero of the right, and particularly of the kinds of right-wingers that Trump has surrounded himself with. If Nixon had Twitter, in other words, it would look like President Forrest Trump’s.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that Trump’s phones were tapped during the election. Would anyone really be surprised? He openly begged a foreign power to hack his opponent — which we know they did. Four of his top people have been linked to Russia, three of them having to resign over it. His Attorney General just had to recuse himself from an investigation into the Russia connection, and his own son-in-law was also just implicated in having secret, undisclosed meetings with Russian dignitaries.

If Trump’s phones had been tapped, it would have been for the sake of national security. It would have been somewhat understandable, given all that we know, for the U.S. government to make sure this bombastic fuckwit who was openly challenging Russia to hack the election wasn’t actually an agent working for them. Of course, he might just end up being an unwitting agent of theirs, but that’s a discussion for another time anyway.

I’d be willing to bet some pretty good money that this story was born out of one of two places — the primordial ooze that Breitbart and InfoWars still inhabit, or pulled directly out of Trump or his inner circle’s assholes as a desperate attempt to throw the press and the country off the scent. This is the exact kind of story line your drunk, angry Tea Bagger uncle would spew at you at Thanksgiving dinner. You’ll ask him for evidence and he’ll sputter, spurt, and then jab a finger at a Breitbart article. Or tell you what Alex Jones told him about the story this week on his show.

How utterly pathetic have the Republicans become? They elected a man who is now, as the most powerful person in the world, using his platform to blast conspiracy theories about his predecessor. They’ve elected a racist moron who is perfectly content to sew the seeds of discord instead of taking responsibility and coming clean on the whole Russia thing.  Really no one should be surprised that Trump would do this though, he was the King of the Birthers. He made his political bones pushing a racist narrative.

Trump has always hated Obama. You could assume there was racial animus there, just because, again, the Birther thing is nothing but highly concentrated racism. But whatever the reason, Trump has hated Obama. And this is just the latest embarrassing chapter for him in regards to his relationship with that man. It’s sad that we went from the first black president to his most vocal champion of racist attacks against him, but, well this is America. We do dumb shit here.

But speaking of doing dumb shit, how dumb is it to accuse a president of doing something that’s illegal and he has no authorization to do? For some clues, let’s ask former Obama policy adviser Ben Rhodes, who responded to one of Trump’s tweets today with this solid nugget of factual rebuke.

God, our “president” is a big, dumb, stupid jerk.

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