Recently my page experienced a sudden surge, and along with that came a significant increase in trolls. Some are pretty obviously not American, but I have been surprised at the number who are real people, with open profiles and no apparent regard for posting their vitriol on a public page. So I decided to start a scrapbook…because there are so many, however, I only have the space to give the highlights.

  • First up is Ben. Ben has his employer, city, and state public. And Ben has a major issue with the gentleman who gave $1.5 million of his own money to save 200 Syrian refugees.


It says, “Thanks, asshole. So the blood of every American killed or raped by these immoral bastards is on your hands. If u really wanted to do good with your millions, how about housing our homeless veterans!”

Ben is really, really not a nice person. He’s a racist fucknozzle who thinks he has the right to tell others how to be charitable…while he himself is being a bastard.

  • Next is Heather, who works in housing. She’s fond of the N-Word, and came running to Herr Cheeto’s defense when the Scotland Employee video broke. According to the internet, she does not own the company. Either way, I doubt she thinks very highly of African Americans.

Yeah. Gorilla jokes…her feed was enlightening.

  • Tommy is another, and I actually enjoyed his attempt to troll.

I think ole Tommy desperately needs to go to one of the colleges those “motherfuckers” entice people to go to, and he should start with the class on Remedial Names of IT Jobs. Bless his heart.

  • Ruben only knows a few words, so he uses memes mostly. This one says, “Remember Planeteers, the planet will only be safe when the bourgeoisie have been exterminated.”

He didn’t come back.

  • Michael posted this random little gem, and I couldn’t help but share it.

  • Another Michael left this helpful hint. He doesn’t approve of our spending our free time bashing a “President” on social media.

I know where the deplorables are, if you’re missing any.

Some of the really nasty ones aren’t on here. I’ve had a few rants not fit to print, although I would have anyway. But I was too busy deleting their vitriol from multiple posts to remember to stop and take a screenshot.

i will say this: my ability to deal with assholes is much greater than it’s ever been.




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