Someone should tell right-wing flapping mouth Tomi Lahren that Donald Trump didn’t win any states unanimously. Someone should tell her that Trump won by razor thin margins in the states in the swing states. She can pretend all she wants that he was swept into power by some up-swell of conservatism, but that’s just absolutely not true. Trump won because his opponent turned her back on a key group of voters in a key group of states and that’s about it.

So when I see Tomi tweet pretentious, condescending shit like this, I can’t help but laugh.

Tomi was tweeting this hilariously delusional and hypocritical nonsense in the wake of  her interview with “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah last week.

She tired to waltz her way onto the set and talking point her way to victory, but instead her breathless, empty platitudes couldn’t patch over the fact that she had no way to answer simple questions about her beliefs. Tomi must have been asked half a dozen times by Noah to tell him how black people should protest, in Tomi’s view, since protests that could turn to riots aren’t okay with her, and even peaceful protests like those of Colin Kaepernick are disrespectful to the flag and America, according to Tomi. Noah calmly let her expose all the holes and inconsistencies in her ideology, and while I’m sure not a single conservative mind was changed by her floundering, maybe some people may have decided to turn off her show when they realized she’s not really all that good at what she’s trying to do.

…and as far as I can tell, what she’s trying to do is be the younger, hotter, faster talking, B-Team Ann Coulter. She fails at that like she fails to communicate a consistent, cogent point that isn’t immediately debunked by her own circular, pretzel logic.

According to Tomi, you can’t lump Trump supporters in with the KKK even thought he KKK is openly celebrating Trump’s victory. But what you can do is call every supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement a “terrorist” or even compare them directly to the KKK because it’s not good to generalize about people…unless you’re generalizing about liberals, in Tomi’s eyes.

Her tweet about making diverse friends is a follow-up to something she mentioned on “The Daily Show” about the coasts ignoring the rest of the country. This comment is predicated on a ridiculous notion that there are either zero, or very, very few progressives in states that Trump won, which is utter and complete bullshit no matter how you slice it. In Wisconsin and Michigan, if just a few thousand people had voted differently, Trump would have lost the election completely.

But let’s just ignore the fact that Tomi is trying to exaggerate Trump’s level of support throughout the country. Let’s focus on how incredibly hypocritical Tomi Lahren’s admonishment to liberals really is, shall we?

To begin with, usually when we invite people into our tent, we don’t do so with a shit-eating grin and the tone of an overly confident teenager who thinks she knows better than the adults in the room. Secondly, Tomi is literally famous because she tells liberals to “shut up” or “suck it up.” If ever there was someone who has done her utmost to alienate, chastise, dehumanize, and delegitimize her political opponents, it’s Tomi Lahren. She’s on Glenn Beck’s online TV network for Chrissakes, and so for her to claim some kind of moral high ground when it comes to reaching across the aisle it’s almost too ironic for words.

Next, let’s talk about the so-called bubble that liberals are in, according to Tomi. Now, let me be a little shocking here and admit that Lahren is definitely right about liberal Americans being in a bubble thanks to relying only on left-leaning media and cloistering up with their fellow liberals instead of engaging with the other side. But before Tomi’s smugness chokes out the sun’s rays, let’s also remember that conservatives were the ones who first created their own bubble, a vacuum in which no left-leaning ideology could honestly permeate, and they called that safe space Fox News.

Remember in 2012 when all the polls were “skewed” and Romney’s “momentum” was going to carry him to the White House? Remember how Republicans still think Benghazi is a thing Americans care about more than affordable health care? Remember how Republicans think climate change is a Chinese hoax? Remember how Republicans deny that there’s a problem with cops killing suspects of every skin color, but especially black people because they just can’t fathom that racism exists after spending eight years finding every way possible to call Obama the N-word without using the N-word?

Let’s face it, both sides of the political divide in this country have been guilty for years now of sheltering themselves from one another. That’s why our congress has been deadlocked forever…well that and Republicans cheating the district lines in their favor for the House. But you get my drift; everyone is guilty of bashing the other side more than they look for common ground.

And that really is my biggest problem with people Lahren, Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Dinesh D’souza, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh. They subscribe to the “My shit don’t stink” school of political thought where you project all the bullshit you do onto your opponent, and then pretend you don’t do any of said bullshit yourself. Hypocrites, in other words, and Motor-mouthed Moron Lahren is the new, brightly shining dim star in the conservative solar system. So her smug satisfaction at chastising liberals for their unwillingness to cooperate and get along with conservatives is as hollow as the head on her shoulders that contains the brain with which cooks up her Final “Thoughts” that go viral because she’s being every bit as divisive as she says we are, while building the same kind of bubble she claims we live in.

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