Tomi Lahren is a new phenomenon to me. I am hoping, though, that this will be the one and only time I have to write about her.
Lahren’s got a video from her “Final Word” segment on Glenn Beck’s Blaze website that’s going viral. The topic is 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick protesting police brutality against African-Americans by sitting down during the National Anthem before his NFL games. Right-wing America is in a lather over this, because as much as they claim to have a nearly sexual relationship with it, they clearly have no fucking clue what the Constitution or this country is all about.
It’s about non-violent protest, just so there’s no confusion.
Ask one of these über-patriots about safe spaces on college campuses and you’ll get a spittle-filled tirade. It’s only they who deserve safe spaces. They just call them “Fox News” or “talk radio” or “Stormfront.” Ms. Lahren is clearly one those people.
And now, please make sure you have a bucket handy, and watch Tomi’s segment.

Despite her claims, she didn’t “eviscerate” anyone. All Tomi did was make excuses for racism. She also made excuses for terrible policing. But she didn’t eviscerate jack-shit.
But is she racist, stupid, or both?

She’s Racist

It’s not that using the words “bud” or “buddy” when she refers to Kapernick is racist. I’m just saying that condescending toward people of color is the hallmark of a good, dog-whistle racist. She’s not calling him “boy,” but in using adjectives that are diminutive, she’s playing a similar hand.
When Tomi calls Kaepernick a “whiny, attention seeking crybaby” she isn’t using any overtly racist language, but she is committing racism by exclusion. The alt-right rage machine — that Tomi is a cog in — is all about attention whoring. Just ask Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Sarah Palin, and Tony Perkins. All of those people pop up their heads from time to time to whine about their victimization. Yet, Tomi’s not putting them on blast.
Gee, I wonder what the difference between them and Colin Kaepernick is?
I really love when she says that the National Anthem not being about “white America.” That is some Grade-A bullshit. The guy who wrote it was a slave owner. Isn’t it funny how right-wingers want us to learn “the truth” about Abe Lincoln, but they have no problem with Francis Scott Key’s racism being whitewashed from history?
Then there’s this passage from the song:

No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Let’s give her the benefit of the hood and pretend she’s not a racist, and just go onto whether or not she’s just bone-chillingly stupid.

She’s Stupid

Lahren’s motor-mouthed tirade includes references to the fact that black people have died as veterans in our wars, and that white people are his fans. Because that makes cops killing unarmed black suspects, some of whom aren’t even teenagers yet, better, I guess.
That’s stupid.
She also implies that if someone works for a white person that isn’t a racist, or has white, non-racist fans, that police brutality against people of color is either not worth considering or they’re a hypocrite because of it. It’s basically saying “A doesn’t exist because Taco Bell has crunchy tacos.” The two issues aren’t even remotely related.
Ergo – she’s stupid.
I’d love to ask Tomi if she meant to imply that if Martin Luther King had been gainfully employed by a white man, he wouldn’t have been entitled to speak out on behalf of the millions of others who were oppressed. Because that’s pretty much what she’s saying.
Which is incredibly stupid.
If she really believed that this country was so great, she wouldn’t have to attack his protest. She would counter it with a logical argument if she was interested in that; but she’s not. She’s just basically saying, “Some white people aren’t racist, and some cops don’t kill people, so there!”

Snow-white fuckwits like Lahren are the people who make it impossible for us to ever get anywhere on race. Because they’re too busy making every excuse imaginable for racism, instead of addressing the racists in their midst.
She’s Racist And Stupid
If she were alive in the 1940’s, I can promise you Tomi would be saying Jackie Robinson — hero and champion of civil rights — was a “crybaby” or “whiner” for not standing for the National Anthem. Which he did. For the exact same reasons as Kaepernick.
History does repeat itself. White folks were up in arms over black athletes exercising their freedom of expression at the 1968 Olympics. When Muhammad Ali burned his draft card in protest of the government, white folks who would normally get a kick out of sticking it to that federal government they swear is tyrannical because they have to pay taxes were furious with him, to say nothing of his changing his name from a white sounding name to Muhammad Ali.
It is the height of stupidity to claim you love the ideals of the Constitution and then turn around and try to silence Kaepernick. He’s bringing a spotlight to a real and present danger to all of us. Cops should not have carte blanche to murder people, regardless of their skin color. You’ll notice that Tomi didn’t even remotely try to bring up any facts or statistics to refute Kaepernick’s claims, because she knows too well that cops disproportionately shoot and/or kill unarmed black suspects, and hiding behind invective doesn’t change that fact.
Or how about her ridiculously stupid remark that because Kaepernick is “half-white” he doesn’t get to comment on racism? She’s arguing because there are lots of good white people, there aren’t any bad ones. Anyone want to guess how often she’s called BLM a terrorist group, or generalized about all of them?
Like, you know, this video:

Then again, she is pretty much admitting that white privilege is a thing when she implies that growing up in a white home somehow made Colin’s childhood better, isn’t she?
But if you’re looking for the really juicy and stupid stuff coming out of her mouth, look no further than her point about immigration. She literally just told Colin Kapernick he has to stand up for the National Anthem or leave the country because there are immigrants trying to get in. While that argument is stupid, it’s not nearly as stupid as trying to play yourself off as being concerned about the plight of immigrants when you are on recorded video, ranting about having to “press 2” because you think everything should be in English to please your melanin-free self.
Like, you know, this video:

Pretty stupid there, Tomi. Pretty. Goddamned. Stupid. And Racist. Pretty goddamned stupid and racist.

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  1. Don’t let us forget that she’s standing in front of the Condemned and Defeated flag. If she is a true patriot like she tries to pretend to be, she will have nothing to do with that emblem of racism.

  2. All I know as a European foreigner is the way too many white Americans are racists and stupid. This is one of the explanations for Trump being a presidential candidate. To be elected as the republican candidate he had to have the majority of the votes from the republicans. These people are predominantly white, stupid and uneducated.

  3. Thank you, James Schlarmann. Couldn’t agree more that Tomi Lauren makes the dumbest, most amateurish, sophomoric arguments. She is the poster child for Trump voter stupidity. Hey, Tomi: the 70’s called, they want their arguments back!

  4. She is either devoid of analytic reasoning ability or she is capitalizing on the simplest of human emotions, which is anger. I just saw her interviewed by Trevor Noah and he was very diplomatic, but he seemed horrified by some of her comments.

  5. such a venomous-looking, hate-spewing face needs to be removed from view (though the most likely way she’d do that herself is only by wearing a klan hood

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