Milo Yiannopoulos is a curious little man. He’s gay, British, he hates women, and he writes for a white nationalist website: Breitbart. Milo was recently banned from Twitter after his harassment of actress Leslie Jones. He also has reportedly kept the money raised by his “charity,” a scholarship fund for white men only.
Milo writes awful things about women. A few of his “greatest hits:”
Teenage Boys With Tits: Here’s My Problem With Ghostbusters
The Solution To Online ‘Harassment’ Is Simple: Women Should Log Off
There’s No Hiring Bias Against Women In Tech, They Just Suck At Interviews
And the article we will be delving into today:
How To Make Women Happy: Uninvent The Washing Machine And The Pill
Milo Yiannopoulos begins his piece of misogynistic garbage with:

In terms of female happiness, women’s liberation was probably a mistake, and it was a mistake driven by technology that was, of course, invented by men. Let’s start with the device that forced women out of the home they so lovingly kept, wrenched their children from their arms and doomed them to perform unsatisfying tasks in the workforce in order to respond to new social norms: the washing machine.

The washing machine “wrenched” our children from our arms, presumably because we had to use our hands to put the laundry in the washer. We were “doomed” to perform “unsatisfying tasks” in the workforce. Are you a woman reading this article? Do you work? Do you feel doomed, performing unsatisfying tasks all day? Do you long for the days before the washing machine, when we womenfolk would take the dirty laundry down to the river, wash it in freezing cold water, then pound it on a rock? Because that doesn’t sound unsatisfying at all.
Milo, poster boy for the MRA movement, continues:

Feminist propaganda shoved in the faces of previously-content housewives told ladies they would be less happy if they weren’t working a gruelling [sic] job like their husbands were. This sort of thinking was designed to make women feel strong and empowered. But the fact is, women have become far more unhappy in the last 35 years.

In this paragraph, Little Milo includes a hyperlink to a study by NBER. It is likely Milo didn’t read it, he just saw the title-“The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness”-and thought it would confirm his horrible sexism. He should have read it. From page 17:

If the burdens of entering the workforce are playing a role in declining female happiness then perhaps the decline in happiness will be concentrated among women who are employed. Panel B shows the results of an ordered probit of happiness on female*(Year 1972/100) and male*(Year 1972/100) each interacted with two employment status variables. This regression shows that both women who are employed and those who are not have experienced roughly similar declines in subjective well-being in both the main specification shown in Column 1 and when controls are added in Column 4.

Women who work outside the home, and women who do not, have shown a decline in happiness and a sense of well-being. Well, who’s shocked by that?

We have to deal with rape culture (something Little Milo does not believe exists), victim blaming, victim shaming, misogyny, fashion photographers who think violence against women is a great way to sell shoes, being called every vile name in the book just for daring to have an opinion, being run off social media with death and rape threats, and in general, very few public safe spaces where we can just be left alone to write, or drink coffee, or chat with friends, or walk, or whatever.
But please, Little Milo, continue:

The role of the housewife has been thoroughly and ritually humiliated by successive waves of feminism-as if raising well-adjusted children, keeping a beautiful home and marrying a loving husband is worthy of derision and ridicule. In fact, it’s one of the most important things a woman can do with her life and may be one of the only things women can actually do better than men.

One of the only things women can do better than men. Isn’t he charming, ladies? Wait, there’s more:

No offense! I mean, sure, if men could bear children we’d have the process streamlined and pain-free by now, but for now, women are the only gender capable of bringing another life into existence.

He’s adorable. Almost complimenting women while at the same time, trying to shame us because childbirth is painful. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch Little Milo try to push a cantaloupe out of the end of his penis? How would he “streamline” that, I wonder.
After this rather pathetic rant about the washing machine and feminism, Little Milo moves on to a subject near and dear to all conservative men: women’s birth control. Yes, the Pill is the topic of Milo’s next sexist word salad, which includes slut shaming and fat shaming. He’s a keeper, this one! First, the fat shaming:

Birth control makes you fat, and as we all know being fat is disgusting and should never be allowed in a civilised society. A 2009 study from the University of Texas found that women using DMPA gain an average of 11 pounds over 3 years, a 3-4 per cent increase. Ladies: are you really so desperate to get laid that you’d willingly fatten yourself up like a prize-winning sow?

Again, Little Milo links to a study. Which he obviously did not read. DMPA is injectable birth control, or depot medroxyprogesterone acetate. And yes, women who received the shot did gain a little weight over a period of time. What Little Milo leaves out is the study found women who switched to nonhormonal contraception began to slowly lose the weight and “fat mass” they gained. By the way, the reason DMPA was studied is not “being fat is disgusting.” The lead author of the study, Dr. Abby Berenson, expressed concern over the dangers of increased abdominal fat, and how said fat is a component of metabolic syndrome, which increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
He’s not done:

The pill causes cellulite. I know this seems outlandish, but I do have some research to back this up. According to the Scientific American, pictures of women with cottage cheese thighs are almost impossible to find prior to the 1970s.

About that Scientific American “research.” They interviewed Lionel Bissoon, an osteopath. Scientific American did not interview an OBGYN, or a GP, or a doctor who specializes in women’s health. The writer of the piece chose a man who, in 2009-when the article was published-ran a clinic in New York for mesotherapy, a process for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Interestingly, during the interview, Bissoon brings the conversation to washing clothes by a river:

They’re eating all organic foods, they’re constantly moving from the time they get up. These women are washing clothes in the river. Getting water [in an industrialized country] means getting up and going to the fridge or faucet. For women in developing countries, they’re walking to the river and coming back carrying a heavy container. So the physical activity levels in industrialized nations have also decreased.

Little Milo winds it up with:

In a tragicomic attempt to justify the situation they’ve placed themselves in, women have invented the “fat acceptance” movement to tell themselves that their ever-expanding thighs and lack of a love life are totally OK, and it’s men who are sexist for not being attracted to lardasses.

What a curious little man. He obviously despises women, he inserts links to things he doesn’t read, and he writes for an anti-LGBT, white nationalist website, but he’s gay.
Just goes to show: Anyone can be a hateful, misogynistic, sexist, ignorant jerk. Maybe Little Milo needs a hug. Preferably from a Rubenesque female CEO, who’s on the Pill, hates doing laundry, and has a little cellulite.


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