The Blaze’s Countersuit Against Timmy Lahren Paints Her As An Abusive, Potty Mouthed Snowflake

Tammy Lahren, embattled former star of The Blaze, has been countersued by her former employer and the details are juicy as hell.

In case you haven’t heard by now, Tammy Lahren, the Nazi broomstick in a blonde wig whose inappropriately named “Final Thoughts” video segments went viral last year when she capped on Colin Kaepernick and gave Black Lives Matter a black eye, in a hell of a public pissing match with The Blaze. Glenn Beck’s media company had been Lahren’s employer up to a couple weeks ago, but then Timmy went on “The View,” told the world she actually has consistent small-government beliefs (she’s pro-choice despite being personally against abortion), and her throng of conservative followers turned on her because she called them hypocritical for not viewing abortion in the same nuanced way she does.

It’s funny to me that Trichinosis could call far-right ideological conservatives her audience and not realize they’d turn on her so quickly when they realized she was a BABY MURDERING LIBTARD when it came to abortion. But the fight between The Blaze and Lahren didn’t break out in full until she sued them for wrongful termination, but now the hilarity has been ratcheted up a notch or two because The Blaze is counter-suing and the details of their suit are quite tastily embarrassing for the woman who calls everyone who disagrees with her a “Snowflake.”

As reported by Mediaite, the suit brought by The Blaze against Tromboni alleges that she was abusive to staff and she offended their audience.

The lawsuit states that Lahren’s treatment of the floor crew during her shows was “inappropriate and unprofessional” and that she constantly complained about lighting, room temperature, editing, shooting and directing. (source)

Anyone else find it hilarious that she calls liberals names and implies we’re all overly sensitive and yet she never stopped bitching about how lighting made her look? Who else but a snowflake would worry about the temperature in the room so much unless she was afraid of melting? She wouldn’t be the first cable star to be a prima donna about how her show was shot or edited, but really, when you build your reputation on being tough and willing to handle any adversity, stories like this wind-up shaking that facade to the ground.

Then there’s the fun fact that apparently pious, goody two shoes Teletubby is, behind the scenes, a bit of a potty mouth. Of course, Glenn Beck is a magic underwear sporting Mormon so his view of what is too bawdy or ribald for polite company may not be the most accurate or unbiased.

The complaint also alleges that her “word choice on air” had to be addressed on a consistent basis because she border lined on profane. “Lahren turned down a number of advertisers on TheBlaze for unexplained reasons, limiting any chance for TheBlaze to recoup its investment into her and her show,” the paperwork states. (source)

Watching Lahren and Beck go at it reminds me, as a Dodger fan, of watching a game between the Giants and Yankees. You root for bout of influenza on both teams. I genuinely don’t know or care who I want to come out on top more. Clearly, as the countersuit shows, Lahren was very keen on crafting a persona to sell herself in a way that might not be totally accurate.

Gee, how weird for a person who belongs to the party that elected a phony, shitty businessman and reality-TV huckster to be just as utterly full of shit as to who she is, huh? The irony is that if she had just been honest with everyone from the beginning and toned down her ridiculous dog whistle racist shit, and by “tone down” I mean “drop that shit like a hot rock,” she might even be welcomed among liberals as a castoff refugee from Mormonistan.

Maybe it’s time for Talmud Lahren to come over to the dark side. If we can de-program her from believing that tax breaks for the wealthy do anything but make them wealthier, we’re on our way. Then again, she’s toxic as fuck, vapid, and the next time she has an original thought that isn’t just a regurgitated, likely incorrect talking point will be the first one. So I don’t really care if she wiesns up and joins the ranks of the living.

One way or another, this fight is going to play out with details that just get juicier and more delicious as time goes on. I only hope the world doesn’t run out of popcorn. It’s pretty fucking entertaining watching two modern day pharisees fight for the dubious honor of “second least hated person affiliated with The Blaze.”

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