Today, we’re celebrating the 63rd installment of “How to not get anything accomplished in Congress!”

Yesterday, House republicans failed to override President Obama’s veto of their attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). This marks the 63rd time Republicans have failed to dismantle Obamacare. Time well spent!

House Speaker Paul Ryan said:

What we are proving today that is if we have a Republican president next year, we will repeal Obamacare and we will replace Obamacare.

Reeeeeeeeeeealllllyy now? Call me crazy, but I’m going to say that’s complete bullshit. If Republicans truly intended on replacing Obamacare, the focus of their efforts would be offering solutions rather than simply trying to get rid of it.

There are three main issues Republicans have with Obamacare:

  1. Barack Hussein Obama.

The name alone strikes fear into the hearts of conservatives, and they love reminding us that his middle name is Hussein. Pair that with the “is he a Muslim?” question and you have a great recipe for xenophobes everywhere. It’s basic fear mongering and is irrelevant. And so what if he’s Muslim? All religions are equally bullshit anyway, and yours is no different.

Republicans have been steadfast contrarians of anything Obama supports. Perhaps this childish behavior finds its roots in almost all of the candidates using a middle school level vocabulary (or if you’re Trump, elementary school level)?

  1. Obamacare works.

The uninsured rate dropped substantially from 2013 to 2014- approximately 20% fewer citizens were uninsured in 2014 compared to 2013. If you are opposed to more people having access to healthcare, then you’re just an asshole. Period.

  1. “Welfare Queens”.

Republicans have done an exemplary job of convincing themselves that anyone who receives public assistance is a lazy good-for-nothing sitting at home eating Cheetos while watching daytime TV while the rest of us slave away at work. While it’s true public assistance fraud happens, some Republicans are all too eager to outright lie, saying the rate is 25%.

The actual rate? Just under 4%.

It’s incredibly naive to think that all fraud can be eliminated. Fraud is going to happen- that’s simply just a fact of life. People will always lie, cheat, and steal. But I suppose those who are anti-public assistance ignore the fact that charity workers and government officials have been caught committing public assistance fraud themselves.

We can also look at the spending habits of families who receive public assistance. Families who receive public assistance consistently spend substantially less money on housing, food, and in other areas.


Public assistance is managed by each state, so for our example we’ll look at Texas’ requirements for TANF (what people refer to as “welfare”). In Texas, a single mother of two can have a maximum monthly income of $168. This means in order to qualify for TANF in Texas, a single parent of two children cannot have an income greater than $168 a month, which works out to being $42 a week. How can you provide for two children (and yourself) on $42 a week?

So yes, some will abuse the system. But it happens so rarely, that it is mostly a non-issue. Besides, if it’s so rampant, why aren’t you reporting it?

After looking at the evidence, the only logical explanation for anyone to be anti-Obamacare is because they don’t like Obama himself. One would think that Republicans would be in favor access to regular medical care, as there is data that suggests having an actual primary care physician can save the government money by reducing the amount of costly emergency room visits.

Instead of trying to address real, actual problems like gun control, Republicans are wasting time by stomping their feet, crossing their arms, and crying about how awful Obama is.

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