Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh boy the Internet is on fire right now about the Covington Boys, isn’t it? A newly released video promises to keep those fires burning for a few more days, at least.

By now, if you’re not familiar with the story that was so important even the president took time out of his busy schedule tweeting conspiracy theories about Bob Mueller’s investigation and not running a shut down government to give his two cents about it, I’m not going to recap the entire mess here. The general gist is simple enough:

-Short clip gets published that seems to show white kids mocking elder Native American

-Longer video emerges showing that the white kids were mocking the elder Native, but only after they had been accosted by another hate group’s rather small representation

-All this happened during a “March for Life” against female reproductive autonomy

There are any number of articles out there that show not only the first clip, but the second, nearly two hour long video that the clip was taken from. Seek them out if you want yet another long-winded rundown of the events.


If you were to take a lot of folks at their word, you’d assume that the second, much longer video exonerates the boys from Covington Catholic High School. According to these people, I guess, when we see the high school boys doing the tomahawk chop and jokingly dancing like cartoonish depictions of natives that they weren’t being racist. Or at the very least, they were being racist because they were goaded into being racists by other, more racist people…who weren’t the people the boys ended up being racist toward. I know, it hurts my head just thinking about the pretzel logic needed there.

These Covington defenders are seeming to make an argument that either what the boys did wasn’t wrong, or that it was just as wrong as what Nathan Phillips — the Native American man — did. And then to round it all out, they rightly point fingers of blame at the Black Israelites, but ultimately our take away from the second video is supposed to be: Good, Clean, Christian, Boys Unfairly Railroaded Proven to be Cherubic Angels by Second Video.

The people who thought that longer video exonerated the Covington Caucasians may want to sit down and find a safe space. There’s a new video, and, well, it kinda looks like these boys need to be sat down and forced to watch the Gillette over and over until the message sinks in.

Now a new video clip has surfaced that shows a student in the group making an ugly comment about rape that he probably thinks is a clever joke. On the video the student can be heard saying “It’s not rape if you enjoy it!” while others gasp or laugh. (WokeSloth)

Here’s the tweet that had the video in it.

Just in case there was any doubt since it’s a short clip, here’s a much longer one, and the dude who says the HILARIOUS rape joke can be easily identified as being in the same group of upstanding young pasty men antagonizing and trolling Nathan Phillips.

Let me be clear — the longer, new rape joke video doesn’t implicate any of the boys in the original Covington video being racists. That’s what their idiotic tomahawk chopping at mocking Phillips did. Instead it does implicate them as being the kind of person to make HILARIOUS rape jokes.

There’s something else this video does for me though. It reminds me of something the late, great Maya Angelou said.

I see it this way: The initial reporting on the incident was incomplete and incited feelings of loathing and disgust. The longer video showed that the Covington boys were also abused, but not by the person they bullied like braying jackasses. And now, we have a third video that shows at least one of them is a Bart O’Kavanaugh in the making. What that means, exactly, is your guess to make. I’m just gonna lean on Ms. Angelou’s words and call it a day, knowing I’ve been shown who those douche rockets in training were.

Writer/comedian James Schlarmann is the founder of The Political Garbage Chute and his work has been featured on The Huffington Post. You can follow James on Facebook and Instagram, but not Twitter because he has a potty mouth.


  1. Making light of rape is insensitive, but what he said isn’t wrong. If you are having sex and enjoying it, its probably consensual. It’s no different than saying “Its not rape if its consensual”. This is seriously getting out of hand with the smear campaign against these boys. The liberal media has egg on their face for falsely reporting this story but instead of apologizing, the are trying t dig up dirt on these kids and the school. This is how you get TRUMP 2020! MAGA!


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